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DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

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I came across a doodle from almost exactly 2 years ago when I was trying to save a new doodle. It made me smile so I decided to redo it and give it the time I did not give it in the first place. Spoilered because It's shippy and it is just as tame as my valentines day post.








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Thank you! Yes, I love them dearly.

Since it's halfway through the year I thought I'd check my progress for my resolution. 24 art posts out of 22 weeks in the year so far (including my ONI thread). Not bad but I still post and run and have no idea what to say a lot of the time. It is a lot easier for me to post at all though, which is good. To push myself further maybe I will try to finish my DS mod before the end of the year and upload it to the workshop. At least I should force myself to sit with the discomfort of posting before running off.

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I finally caught the Slick Entertainment stream with Joust and was inspired by his amazing work! So I went back and did another speed sculpt over my Forest Stalker skull to turn it into the Underground (non-ruins) one.


I wanted to try and push a really ropey, folded, cooled lava look. Seeing it at this size I think I should have pushed that harder, at the bottom half particularly.

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I tried to draw something in perspective and I can't make heads or tails about why it looks wrong. After tinkering with it a while with my brother I still can't figure why so I decided to ask for feedback here. I wanted the view to be looking down at an angle at the sinkhole & Wilson. A 3pt perspective view.


Any criticism as to why it looks wrong and how I might be able to fix it or do better in the future would be wonderful!

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6 hours ago, minespatch said:

Probably add a faint image of a dark area to make it seem like it goes even further down. Otherwise move the hole a bit under Wilson. That could help.

Or maybe both if possible? (Idk)

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