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Ninjanemo's art thread thingy

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12 minutes ago, Mobbstar said:

The torch hand. The thin arm just keeps going foreveeeer.

Really? 'Cause the off hand was shorter at first but then it seemed off that it was shorter than the other arm, which ironically is also off the picture. I mean if you look at the arm whose hand is off the picture, you'll notice that it is the same length as the off hand, which isn't really that off.

I spent way to much time jamming all those off's in those sentences...

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8 hours ago, Bebbit said:

These are awesome! The textures are great. What software and brushes did you use? pleasedontbephotoshoppleasedontbephotoshop

Why, thank you! And sorry, I do use photoshop. It's pretty damn easy to crack though!

4 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

These are good :)

Thanks! :D

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2 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

This is the crossover that's soon gonna take over the Klei forums. But does that art go here or in the soon-to-be Oxygen not Included fanart section? 0.0

... Maybe it goes in both places?

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