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  1. some art :D

    The funny thing is, due to the fact the forum design changed a few times over the years, the thread reached 1000 pages in various formats about 3 times. I drew celebration milestone drawings every time. Maybe I can pull off doing this again, hahah.
  2. I can't believe the name of the thread lied to me. Still has a lot of meat Wes in here, but still. Good stuff!
  3. some art :D

    So how you guys doin'? I have a temporary job where I teach kiddos to draw. And I'm doing a final diploma work for my Uni, a book about the Moscow Underground, which I am writing typesetting and illustrating on my own. I also sell some monster designs for some money to people who actually buy them. wow. I'm not saying I'm coming back like back in the old days, but I really wanted to see if I can still draw, uhh, me. I guess I'm pretty rusty, but I still got it, hahah.
  4. some art :D

    I'm good, and you?
  5. some art :D

    Sounds like a nice a idea, Mil! :3
  6. some art :D

    yea man! Books, schmooks, pencils. Fun stuff! How you doin?
  7. some art :D

    Why don't we just ask our Periwilson? here's your answer!
  8. some art :D

    You can SHARE SAI brushes? Son. Son, how? And while you're thinking of that, how about some space doritos. Scientific space doritos! Also hi, guys!
  9. Random art thread

    Who's this miss amazing hair in the first picture? Matter not, love 'em both the same~ Keep 'em coming, Dahl!
  10. some art :D

    Hehe, yeah... I guess the page count does tend to be confusing. The legends speak of those who managed to read the whole thing from the very start! Well, aside from those who were fairly active in the thread. ...Yeah, I feel like this is just a room of a very dangerous image hoarder, who'll eventually die of starvation, not being able to find the fridge behind the tower of used paper... Which is a great death! Mhmmyes. 10/10
  11. I just hope the character's heads make a tiny satisfying pop whenever they damage the helmet too much and accidentally die the horrible space death of space. Of death. *pop*
  12. some art :D

    That's great! I don't see how that's on topic... And in any case, I'd suggest you making your own thread for all your wonderful stuff you might have! People will not get confused and will pay more attention to a separate new thread~ Besides, you get a nice little storage for all your little drawing needs~ Good luck with the mod!
  13. some art :D

    It's okay, I don't think anyone can take those faces seriously XD Oh... about faces... Heuuf.