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Prepare to have your mind blown

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So i was doing a little research on the 1920's and i found a few interesting things that i could make connections based off of the game and the age. For starters i think Wilson is based of off Albert Enstien, I know because he won the nobel peace prize at 1921. I also read that the 1920's was the jazz age, so i assume that's the reasoning behind why the characters voices are instruments. Reply if you think you know more info or just for fun

Correct me if you think i am wrong

Edit: i did a bit more of research and there was more than 1-3 famous scientist actually alot, Wilson is probably then to represent the scientists back then, or mabye not

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LOL i just said that to make things a bit more clear but when i read my post a third time... yeaaa so i edited thank you for pointing out that amazing mind blow XD.

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@ Science Machine

I don't know about the enstien part, wther wilson is connected with enstien or not but it could possibly be. but i thought enstien because he kinda stood out from above the other scientists (or at least in my opinion) but you might be right if it does matter. the jazz kinda does, in my opinion, reason why is because this links up with alot of stuff in the early 1920's and sometimes i wonder if this is based off of WW1, like the after math of the war, probably not, but i just wonder if WW1 links up with this game in anyway.

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