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  1. The give food and feed command both use the left key on the d-pad so it is impossible to give food to other players and you are forced to have to feed it to them or drop it on the floor so they can get the food.
  2. Thank you. This is a major game changer for when you have chests behind a campfire and kind of fixes that annoyance, i'll have to try it out later. I think that might be intentional, but I wont lie I find that annoying sometimes aswell.
  3. 165 downloads

    Think you have the endurance to survive the hardcore challenge? just download this file then go to C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata ' and open the folder in it. you should see some more folders, these represent your different downloaded games. Find the folder named 219740 and open the remote file. once you are there you can choose one of the following options. A: Place the file and save over the old one (if there is one). B: rename it by changing the number at the end to a number you don't have (1 to 5). if there is no space then you need to save over a old file (one that you hardly use). After those two steps then you can play
  4. I just got into winter, and when i did i was running a bit low on food so I decided to make a bird trap to capture some snow birds or crows so i could get some meat. When the snow bird falls for the trap, the bird just stands right next to it and the blue bird does not get trapped in the bird trap just making me waste durability on the trap, the trap also gets set off. I don't know if this is a bug or just because there is no snow bird items(like snow bird feather or snow bird) even though i read on the wiki that snowbirds drop snowbird feathers (it could be false though). If someone can respond to this explaining why, then i would be very greatful for their their help. I know a similar post might have been posted before this, but i just want to spread the word, about the bird
  5. Thank you very much i will use this to my advantage
  6. @ Science Machine I don't know about the enstien part, wther wilson is connected with enstien or not but it could possibly be. but i thought enstien because he kinda stood out from above the other scientists (or at least in my opinion) but you might be right if it does matter. the jazz kinda does, in my opinion, reason why is because this links up with alot of stuff in the early 1920's and sometimes i wonder if this is based off of WW1, like the after math of the war, probably not, but i just wonder if WW1 links up with this game in anyway.
  7. i stil fail at this whole thing i keep mixing reply to person to reply to post
  8. LOL i just said that to make things a bit more clear but when i read my post a third time... yeaaa so i edited thank you for pointing out that amazing mind blow XD.
  9. So i was doing a little research on the 1920's and i found a few interesting things that i could make connections based off of the game and the age. For starters i think Wilson is based of off Albert Enstien, I know because he won the nobel peace prize at 1921. I also read that the 1920's was the jazz age, so i assume that's the reasoning behind why the characters voices are instruments. Reply if you think you know more info or just for fun Correct me if you think i am wrong Edit: i did a bit more of research and there was more than 1-3 famous scientist actually alot, Wilson is probably then to represent the scientists back then, or mabye not
  10. I remember when i heard the laugh before it was freaking terrifying and kinda loud (mabye because of my volume). but one day i decide to go exploring, i found a pig house with a pig and night was near so i build a fire next to the pig house. It was a full moon that night, but yes i did tame the pig, when night was close to arrive and i was in dim lighting to dark for about a few mili seconds then i hear the laugh. it's one of the reasons i don't like exploring i always hear weird noises. I told my friend about it but he states he never heard the noises before. i go on to check over here to see that i am not just paranoid and that i am not making this up.