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  1. Life of a Koalefant

    You should be able to befriend one without it running away.
  2. Life of a Koalefant

    I wonder if this is the same koalefant that decided to team up with the wolves and a bunch of spiders to try to kill me one night...
  3. Journal: May 27th 2013Wilson is acting very strange today...
  4. Not starving but gone mad

    Noone gets away with flirting with Wilsons science machine.
  5. Pigs house party

    He is eenveenceeble
  6. I'm an artist too!

    Dovahkin says: Fus Ro BACON!
  7. I'm an artist too!

    Impossible! You cannot breach are bacon armor!
  8. Sirmentlegens Amazing art thread.

    Because they make honey.
  9. Me on Don't Starve style!!!

    This may be the most amazing art ever posted.
  10. Sirmentlegens Amazing art thread.

    Just right there bees don't eat honey they drink nectar from flowers.
  11. Just A Couple Questions....

    3. As long as you leave the nests 4. Kill him 5. You can survive with any of them if you try
  12. Food spoilage?

    But what if your inventory/chest was full then would it all just drop on the ground?
  13. Jobs?

    You could get a job at the bacon church. You get paid with pictures of cats with bacon.
  14. That doesn't happen verry often. Mobs and trample which can be stopped with fences doesn't stop the problem if people are dedicated. Theres a heated argument about crop spoilage in another thread.