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    -5 likes... how is that even possible? Was there once a way to dislike posts or something?

  2. Well I realized something earlier today, several creatures have been called "statues" such as SCP-173 and the Weeping Angels (not to mention Golems and the Earthen/Obsidian Destroyers). However, the rock lobster has never been called an animal or statue. And so, here I am, having decided to make a backstory. On a rock. Shellfish. I've hit a new low in my life Prologue: Pull Up a Chair Chapter One: The World Below Chapter Two: The Orb Chapter Three: Broken Promises, Broken Glass Chapter Four: And With Strange Eons, Even Death May Die Chapter Five: A New Beginning, and A Similar End Chapter ???: ??????
  3. I don't think I can....I don't have this rhyming prowess. *Puts gun up to head* Goodbye, cruel, rhyming world.
  4. Wow, I have to say Nightmare Wilson is amazing draw more. Anyone willing to make a Nightmare Wilson mod?
  5. Try a Thulecite Deerclops/Treeguard/Spider Queen/Ruins Guard hybrid fighting Maxwell Or the Grue and Willow talking over lunch
  6. Amazing, please continue!
  7. We know Wilson's, but what I'd like to see is..... Maxwell's backstory, before the Throne
  8. Scams!!! This isn't remotely scary! Try playing Doorways, Amnesia, & the new Slender game and then come back and write a SCARY fan fic.
  9. Really nice, but I think Chester would sound more like Death from Darksiders 2 or a little sister.... 1. What is it, (in Darksiders 2 he says old one) one who gives me random items to digest Or 2. You always give random items, right <character>?
  10. Great drawings, best rules, This is the Don't Starve 5 Commandments
  11. Very nice,you rarely see a story with all the DS characters in it, but update as soon as you can please 10/10
  12. Very nice, very nice indeed, But who is it written about? A moment of silence. So he'll hear my call. Is it Maxwell, the Devil or something else? Or is it simply Wendy's secret....of how she brought Abigail back?
  13. Good thing my profile is appropriate for this then.... my picture at least After all the Pre-Release updates we've been through, the fun times and the bad, before sanity, spoiling, winter, the framework, and now, we will have a game, completed, with no earlier versions..... I guess all we have is... memories