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the NEW bees

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NEW bees

They took a massive CHILL pill. No longer attacking until you hit them or raid the hive

Bees tend to have about 3 hives per world at the moment

They exist in natural form until you make yourself a bee box to farm them.

In the natural state they have a lovely YELLOW hive and in the domestic farm they have a box you build.

The Natural state first.

The natural hive can be found in forest areas. So far I have not found one in the grasslands- yellow grass or green. Nor in the swamps. I have only found them in light forested areas as opposed to heavily.

They have about 8 or so bees to the hive that seem to replenish each and every day.

To get honey you kill the bee. Sometimes they drop honey sometimes they dont.


You kill the bees, smash the hive and steam the honey and comb.

IMPORTANT- do not all your honey. You will need it!!

Honey can not be used on the Advanced farm plot to make more so be careful with it.

Likewise the comb.

So you built you box- it will be loud. Build away from your home.


HAT- Get yourself a beekeeping hat and HARVEST any time

MIDDAY- PERFECT- most the bees are away and you can swoop in and harvest without pain.

You can use the pan pipes to put them to sleep for 20 seconds or if used at night they STAY asleep all night- Thanks Toaster Fu.


About 5 points in the science machine per batch- if i recall

Doesn't do much of anything for hunger

Honey is the best for restoring health Thanks ArchAlecs

The comb gives 40 points in the machine

Questions? Additional discoveries?

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I've been thinking about bees, and I'm still not convinced about their behavior. I would love to see them behave in a new way, a little more realistically.

I would make them sting you, then die; like real life. BUT, if they die by attacking, they wouldn't drop honey. You have to kill them first in order to get the drop. That's easy, they are slow some would say. And they would be right... when they are alone they are. But they wouldn't attack you right away when provoked. We one bee is attacked, it alerts all other bees (like with spiders) but instead of coming at you in a queue like spiders, they would first gather somewhere near and THEN attack you like a swarm.

This way, you would get damaged more often and wouldn't receive so much honey (which is OP, in my opinion).

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I too are not sure about Honey now.Its easy to gain. Doesnt do much for hunger and is more a good heal all.Which I guess we need.Still. Seems off key having dealt with UBER aggressive bees before which made you FEAR collection of honey.I think they should be aggro still but not attack if you have a hat- which wears out.

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I'm really confused about the bees too. I build a bee box recently, which was my first experience with bees ever. I can gather honey from it without the hat and without any consequences. Is this normal? If I run up to a bee and punch it in the face that seems to anger it for sure. Don't know why...

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They used to be pissed of ALL the tie, with EVERYTHING. They attacked pigs, beefalos, wilsons, EVERYTHING. And when you harvested, a whole bunch of them would come out and sting you to death. They don't attack when harvesting without a hat? That's surely a bug.

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And you forgot that they drop stingers now as well.On my first map after the update, i only had one hive. I destroyed it to build a bee box, but sinse i gor stinger drops instead of honey it wasnt enough to build one :/This means we actually have to start thinking about what we do and what consecuenses it has :p

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So, stingers. What good will they be for? Or should I say... what EVIL?

I, for one, would like to make a needle out of it so I can sew a voodoo doll and sting it with said needle. I would make it look like Maxwell. Let's see who's the one "not looking so good" now, huh... HUUUH!?

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Did you try killing the bees from the hive? They sometimes drop honey.

Yup, I got six honey in total. To many stinger drops from the bees.I hope the stingers are gonna be used for some kind o ranged weapon. Bow and Arrows, blowpipe?Or a more offensive log suit that hurts when u get attacked. :)
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  • Developer

Hmm, those way-more-likely stinger drops are going to make building a bee box much tougher.I'll have to do some tweaking on the recipe for that guy I think.I really like the idea of bees only stinging you once! I might have to look into that when I make the hat less durable.

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