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  1. Fishing Tweak

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the unusable 11% remaining is an annoyance. I'll fix it for the next release.
  2. Good news, this will be fixed next update! Thanks for letting us know.
  3. oooh, glitchy! Thanks for letting us know
  4. Steam Alpa: Bees

    Awesome, thanks guys! I'll make the bees better at sharing flowers with each other
  5. Can't bait traps?

    Thanks guys, seems to be a problem with traps falling on the ground but not thinking they've been placed
  6. Burnt trees re-appear

    Thanks for the find, yes this is a bug with burnt trees sometimes still growing.
  7. The Rare ......

    Dang! Could you post a screenshot? (Possibly in the bugs section, so we're not hijacking this thread)
  8. The Rare ......

    Xacktastic, is that after a world regen?
  9. Micro lag

    Interesting. If it's related to moving items it might be something physics related. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Random stuff

    Thanks for the bugfinds yigru! We'll look into them
  11. [BUG] Is this ment to happen?

    Okay, this should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it!
  12. No Honey

    We've pushed a hotfix to stop the seas of bees. If you have a bunch of them already out in the world, you might need to wait a day for the nest to absorb them all again, but for most people it should be fixed immediately.
  13. Endless Tallbird-agro

    Did you steal her egg?
  14. No Honey

    Perhaps that less-than-useful bugnet is now slightly more useful against other kinds of bugs...
  15. [BUG] Is this ment to happen?

    Oh wow, oh wow. That REALLY isn't supposed to happen!I'll fix that ASAP