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  1. Spoiled Rotten (Jan 15 Update)

    Man. I *need* to find time again to play Don't Starve!
  2. Game gets slow

    Super excited about this. I do tend to avoid areas that run slowly, it'll be nice to actually explore those now. Woo!
  3. The Dapper Beefalo

    I would like to show my appreciation for my new title 'Dances with Beefalo' with this illustration.Meet the Dapper Beefalo.
  4. Digging up weird stuff!

    I want to build a house out of the endless trees I chop down with my bare hands. I would fill it with these toys, and laughter. My own laughter from the madness.
  5. the NEW bees

    Aha. I guess they gather in the box at night? They're usually all hovering around the area, but this is around mid-day normally when I think to grab that honey AND STUFF IT IN MY FACE!
  6. Little pig little pig

    Yeah, those pigs are annoying as all get out. They sure are helpful, but man, if only they'd shut up. I'd rather do everything myself.
  7. Game gets slow

    The game gets super slow for me too. I thought originally it had something to do with the fog around graves which are usually within heavily forested areas. Typically when I leave said fog the games speeds back up again.
  8. the NEW bees

    I'm really confused about the bees too. I build a bee box recently, which was my first experience with bees ever. I can gather honey from it without the hat and without any consequences. Is this normal? If I run up to a bee and punch it in the face that seems to anger it for sure. Don't know why...
  9. The Dapper Beefalo

    I have never heard of such a thing. What is it like?
  10. The Dapper Beefalo

    I so agree. Speaking of which. I have a ton of Earl Gray I must consume immediately.
  11. the NEW bees

    Haha. I thought there was something strange going on about that hat.
  12. I had a DREAM

    My graphics card can't seem to handle the dreams. Everything just goes black and I can't see anything. I hear lots of screaming though...endless screams, and riddles in the dark...Mr. Frodo?
  13. the NEW bees

    The bees are kind of awesome. I found some and built my first bee box a couple days ago. I now have a ton of honey! So the bee keeper hat never wears out, right?
  14. Food Stats

    This is super awesome information. Man I love how detailed everyone gets in these experiments. I am too busy wandering around my islands to test this stuff. Very useful though!
  15. The Dapper Beefalo

    Good morning all. Didn't have time to properly color this one. I am at work after all. (:
  16. Om nom nom!

    I found that if you keep clicking the right mouse button they keep eating, sort of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI4BHE4biWg&feature=plcp
  17. Om nom nom!

    I don't want to be patient. I want to stuff my face with food. I'm starvin' man. I'm starvin!
  18. Multiplayer with LAN wifi?

    Hey there! The pigs can be annoying, but I am pretty sure the unbearable loneliness is part of the experience the developers are going for. Check out this thread started a while back: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?178-Is-there-going-to-be-co-op Good luck not starving!
  19. Beta Feedback Roundup

    I love how you can sleep the night away now. That feels much better to me. I also think that taking away the magic farms will make the game much more enjoyable, or at least restrict them for end game material. I also like how I can hold down the mouse button to chop trees now. There seems to be a problem with that where it takes away 1% more uses out of my tools thank if I click away at the resources. Mostly I noted this on trees.Spears are amazing. Thank you.
  20. Upcoming changes - Oct 15 build

    Yeah buddy! Can't wait to play around with this update's new stuff!
  21. Update time?

    I've been hardcore testing our game, Draw a Stickman Epic today. Played a little Don't Starve on lunch! I've got a spoiled life. (:
  22. Update time?

    You are the man.
  23. Upcoming gameplay changes

    Super excited about these changes! Can't wait to give them a try. The dapper dancing beefalo thanks you.
  24. Update time?

    Oooo...Is there a list somewhere with all the new stuff coming. There probably is and I'm too lazy to look for it. Too busy dancing.
  25. I can push a beefalo with my bare hands: http://bit.ly/P5gaWl Is this supposed to happen? (: