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Best you've done in Day 1?

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So what is the best you have accomplished on the first day?

My personal best just happened. A fire pit, tools, science machine, all before afternoon, and a trap shortly after. Plus, i set up right next to a Tallbird Egg, so now that i have a logsuit and spear (Im on Day 3, and got them on Day 2) i can farm the egg easily.

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Oh wow, I never set up camp on day 1. I'm usually roaming and digging up berry bushes, grass and saplings along the way until I find either a pig king or beefalos. Only then will I set up a firepit. If I'm starting fresh with nothing researched I'll set up a science machine at a grave yard or something along the way. I try to have one up before day 6 to at least have a spear ready for when the doggies show up. :dog:

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25 berries, 6 gold, 40 grass, 42 wood, 26 flint, 36 twigs, spear, 6 silk, 12 carrots, found pig king and tall-birds, ~20 rocks, gold axe and pick, killed by tentacle, 1 table flipped, 1 yell of rage, 1 dog yelled at and chased through house, rest of day spent in piss poor mood.

Top that.

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I think it was Firepit, 6 traps, crock pot, two chests, and lots of grass, twigs, roasted berries and carrots, and a handful of morsels. That was before Krampus. Also, it was in a world I'd been sticking to for many, many lifetimes. Knew where everything was. Currently, I like the new worldgen so much, I do a new worldgen each game.

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