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  1. Iunno, don't see what the big deal. Bees from bee mines don't attack me at all and it's just extra bees for items and later hound attacks.
  2. Try bee mines. The hounds get really distracted by them and I take that time to kill them.
  3. There should be basic pet controls, like commanding it to Stay or Go To Camp or Don't Attack and stuff. I read on the Don't Starve wiki that they plan on doing more with the birds, like they have a script for them to grow up after 10 days, it's just not implemented. I'd love it if you could use a Tallbird as a mount.
  4. Here is my current favorite map, I've been in it for a few lives now. pig village by my camp is man made, both convenient for army purposes. Beefalo are close by for hound purposes, and the area west of the of that and south of the forest that connects to the savanna is a large swamp. but the tiny swamp in the forest has a few reeds that I've been using casually so I've ignored that for now.
  5. Oh no. Oh no oh no I hear hounds and I forgot to make a bee mine and please beefalo help my little Beeky. D': Update: It lived. I have a warrior bird on my hands.
  6. And I just discovered he's a good bird killer. Birds just stand there while he attacks them. xD Never! When he dies, I will put his morsel in its own chest so I can forever remember. ;__________;
  7. I spent a few days hatching the thing, it finally hatches, I'm immediately attached. It's so cute. So I gather honey since I don't like having under 20 of it, and it tries to protect me. D: I freak out, not wanting my baby to die, and I have to kill two bees because he won't stop chasing them. Then I gather up four pigs to attack some spider nests since I didn't think about queens spawning half an island away from my main camp (DO NOT WANT), and the little guy goes to attack with them. :l Dunno how he lived through that, it was a tier 3 and 2 nest, and even while I kite a group of jumpers so the pigs can kill them, my little bird just keeps pecking away at the nest like a trooper. The thought of his death terrifies me.
  8. Eh? I'm part of this group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dontstarve Used it to see discussion before I found the official forums.
  9. I don't think that's 1000. Do you always exaggerate numbers? >_>
  10. Aggh rofl these stories are hilarious but I'm getting scared. Spiders give me the jeebies, especially the queen. hopefully before she reaches my camp she'll turn back into a nest, or at least get stuck on a bridge.
  11. I put three spider nests on the island where my camp is so I can farm silk. I'm scared.
  12. Hmmm, trying to remember. I think a bunch of morsels, spear, fire pit, berry bushes around my camp, started my tree border, science machine.