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  1. Exiting house near edge takes you off map. It is possible to reenter the house but exiting it again puts you in the same spot. I was not able to get back on land. Though I suspect if I could make a boat and find water I might be able to launch it in the water and get on the boat and that way be able to go back to the land.
  2. When I try crafting a science machine the game instantly crashes. I've tried turning of every other mod and still get the crash. I aslo tried crafting various other items and it seems like most items work but firepit also made the game crash. I don't know about any other items because I could not craft them but there might be more items that makes the game crash
  3. But Wilson can still hunt bearlings too, right? And as it is right now Willow needs fire (or you get down to 0 sanity and have to run around fearing to get killed by your imagination)and Abigail don't spawn that often. Wilson is not UP!
  4. But the nightsword is cheaper withount this mod?
  5. I have found out that Mandrakes almost always grows close too each other, and there are 3-4 in the world. I had 3 Mandrakes so close to each other I saw all 3 when I was standing between them.
  6. This would be perfect! But you would keep your items, right?
  7. You can actualy make them attack withount doing the first hit yourself, just stand far away and click "attack" and quickly run away before you attack, they will still attack it
  8. You can make some pigs friendly with monster meat and then use them to kill some beefalo. Just don't kill all of them.Or you could go fishing, cooked fishes heal pretty much hunger
  9. Do you need the in game pictures or already drawn pictures? Anyways, here i have oneIt is pretty dark but i hope it will do
  10. 40 twigs, 40 grass, some morsels, flowers and berries, 10 wood
  11. The exact same thing happens to me. If two or more birds get stuck in air and you kill one, the rest wuill fly away.
  12. I think that it gets a little funnier if you get some smallbirds to take care of. But yes, after a while it just gets boring and too easy.