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  1. How about instead, you could use some parchment on the bird cage to collect the "manure" from the bottom of the cage. I think this should just be another random thing a seed could be and not be obtainable from the bird cage. Berry bushes already occur in the world. I don't think we need to be able to make a never ending stream of them.
  2. Maybe different recipes need different amounts of fuel to complete. The Devs could add a fifth slot in the interface for the fuel. That could simulate a cook time. The crock pot does make things a lot easier. I'm glad the prepared food from it doesn't stack.
  3. Swamps = (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I suck so hard at fighting tentacles. Every now and then I'll get lucky and kill one without getting hit. A tip I have for dodging them is to use wasd to move through a swamp, I don't know why but, it seems easier to dodge them with analog controls. When I use a mouse I seem to dodge one tentacle too much and just run into another one. With wasd I dodge just enough. Maybe this is just me.
  4. I don't know if it would be possible for this to work but, I'm going to suggest it anyway. Maybe farming too much on one island slowly eats away at the fertility of the island. As you farm more and more, the slower everything grows on the island. Trees take longer to get to maximum size and switch to dead way faster. Grass, saplings, berries, and animals respawn slower and slower. Hostile and passive aggressive mobs become more hostile like spiders hunt during the day and tall-birds, pig men, and beefalo attack you on sight. This could even work for over harvesting of any resource. Cut down all the trees or harvest/dig up all the plants makes all the passive animals leave/respawn way slower since they need a certain habitat to house higher populations. Killing all the animals could have the same effect as over farming since there would be a lack of feces to fertilize the soil. The only way to reverse this would be to plant trees, stop harvesting berries, grass, logs, twigs, petals, and carrots, stop farming, don't kill animals. Basically, plant as much natural non-farming plants as you can, fertilize them and leave for like a month. Or this could make the island slowly change into a swamp biome since they are lacking in a lot of base resources and have those nasty tentacles. (I hate the swamps...)
  5. I like this. Maybe instead of set items and a mini-game, the steam engines would require random items in varying quantities. Twigs to pick the exhaust pipe clean of refuse, stone blocks to keep it upright, silk and grass to plug a hole in some hosing, charcoal/logs/manure for fuel, rope to connect the engine to the bridge, reeds to replace some pipes, etc. The islands behind the engines/boss/collector could be extra fertile yet, hostile islands, the obstacle on the bridge could just be there to prove that you are ready for such a challenge. You could even have a BIG tree that could only be cut down with a golden axe that would form a bridge to the new island, a rock that can only be broken with a gold pick on the bridge, or big pile of dirt that is shoveled into place to form a bridge. Right now it seems a little too easy to just run from island to island, some obstacle would fit the struggle this game promotes. All this in my opinion of course.
  6. Oh dear god, Alando, I feel so very bad for you. The world I'm currently playing on has like 8 spider nests all clumped together on the second island I can get to. They need to die before I have such a problem.
  7. 25 berries, 6 gold, 40 grass, 42 wood, 26 flint, 36 twigs, spear, 6 silk, 12 carrots, found pig king and tall-birds, ~20 rocks, gold axe and pick, killed by tentacle, 1 table flipped, 1 yell of rage, 1 dog yelled at and chased through house, rest of day spent in piss poor mood. Top that.
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread but, this is a topic I've thought about for awhile. Maybe charcoal only boosts the durability of a miner's hat by like 10% because of the infinite amounts that can be collected and have Fireflies fully restore a miner's hat because they are a finite item so far. Like all things, future changes may make this suggestion obsolete.
  9. Not a problem. I figured that's all it was. If I find anymore examples I'll add them to this thread.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number Dec19 Issue title Graveyard spawn error Steps to reproduce Randomly generated I believe so, I don't think I can reproduce. I can take more screen shots if necessary. Describe your issue I found an island with every biome on it and found a graveyard had spawned on the west side with a gold nugget and a grave or two floating out at sea. I put a couple of pictures up on my Photobucket. I didn't want to post them because I figured they'd be too big so I didn't post the images directly. Here is a link: Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm using the old map generator.