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  1. Oh good call. I've actually don't have Spotify, but I've heard great things about it!
  2. What music (if any) do you listen to while playing Don't Starve? I'm considering adding music to my streaming of this game, and I'm also just plain curious
  3. Good to know, thanks for the info! Now that I know that, my bases just got a lot cooler. Also, I'll be able to enjoy my hats a lot more now too!
  4. Interesting information. Didn't know any of this prior to reading. I definitely like the idea of more of an emphasis on travel being introduced. Additionally, I like the idea of having larger biomes. Hm.
  5. Wow! These are some really great camps guys. I have noticed that some of you have left tools and/or hats lying on the ground instead of chests. As of right now, I have been afraid to do this due this because I didn't know the answer to the following question: Is there item decay for items that are dropped on the ground? If so, about how long is it?
  6. If you aren't already, make sure you cook all your food before you eat it. Cooked seeds usually last me until I can start trapping some rabbits with berries as bait.
  7. Awesome, followed! I'll check out your episodes too
  8. I'm looking for some cool gamer folks to follow on Twitter. Please post your Twitter username for me (P.S. how cool would a role play Twitter account be for the Don't Starve characters be? I certainly couldn't do it, but maybe someone should xD)
  9. Wow. You guys all have much more impressive first day's than mine! Haha. Makes me want to try several times to see how well I can do... It'd make a fun screenshot contest
  10. Had a great time streaming tonight! I wanted to say thank you to any of you who stopped by. I'm not sure if the folks who stopped by came from the forums or not, but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway.
  11. Oh, that looks sweet! I'd love to see something like this in the game.
  12. Hello all! I've decided recently to give streaming a try, and what better game to start with than Don't Starve? Because I'm starting both the game and streaming about the same time, I've decided to stream it from the very start. Currently, I am only on Day 4 have barely begun to scratch the surface of all the current version of Don't Starve has to offer. I'm posting here in hopes that some of you excellent individuals will drop by the stream at some point to say hello! (Seriously, it'd make my day even if you stop by only long enough to say "Hello" ) You can find me at: http://www.twitch.tv/pdodd Thanks, and hope to see one or two of you there!
  13. Great tip! I did not know this, and am definitely going to be making use of it!
  14. I agree 100%. I'm all about playing smart and skillfully, but when any specific technique exists that causes a large part of the game to become irrelevant (armor, monsters, etc), it's definitely not good.
  15. Thanks guys, that's exactly what I needed to know! I'm considering giving it a go with this game pretty Soon. Probably need to buy it first though...
  16. I feel dumb asking this question but here goes: What exactly is a Let's Play episode / series? I get the general idea of it; it's people recording themselves playing the game, usually with commentary. But I'm wondering if I'm missing anything. Is there anything special about "Let's Play" recording/streaming that makes it different than any other ol' recording/streaming? Or is "Let's Play" just a term folks have ended up using that means "recording/streaming of playing the game with commentary"?