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Amazing quote/line references in Don't Starve

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Everybody loves the Don't Starve art style, but you know what I like more than the art of the game? The amazing character quotes, the references in some lines they say, I find all of them brilliant! Of course, some are better than the others, some stand out more, and that's what I'd like to ask you guys about, what're your favorite Don't Starve quotes?


My top 3 Are:


When Wendy examines a spear, she says "I have become the destroyer of worlds" which is a reference to the quote "Now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds" from the Bhagavad Gita.


When Wendy examines a Monster Lasagna, she says "Cooked evil is still evil, even in lasagna." might be a reference to John Lennox's quote "Nonsense remains nonsense, even when spoken by world-famous scientists."


WX-78's battle cry is "EXTERMINATE!" Possibly a reference to the Daleks, from Doctor Who.


Ah! And how could I forget Woodie's gold examination? "You can't make a coffee table out of gold. Well, maybe you can. But you shouldn't."

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Willow, when making a Piggyback, "I made a backpack out of butts!"


(movie reference is not site rules compliant)


Willow, when examining Science Machine/Alchemy Engine, "Even I don't know everything, yet."


Dr. Who reference.


It's a Doctor Who reference? I didn't know that! AWESOME! xD

Maxwell examines a Fishing Rod

"I'll live for a lifetime"

Wigfrid examines Chester

"Dont worry. I wont eat you"


Really good ones too xD

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