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  1. This has happened to me a bunch of times, but not always. When I generate a new world, the sound effect that usually plays will keep playing even after the game has started. I managed to record it:
  2. I reported it because it's confusing and seems inconsistent. Is the backpack too heavy, or too hot?
  3. When you pluck a plume from a peagawk, it grows back as soon as he enters "hiding mode". I'm not sure it's a bug.
  4. When you examine a Lily Pad, Wilson says "I can't see the bottom".
  5. When you examine a Lily Pad, Wilson says "I can't see the bottom".
  6. I was walking around with my backpack and suddenly Wilson said it was too hot and started walking slowly. So I dropped it. After about a minute I came back to pick it up and this time he said it was too heavy (and started walking slowly again). The backpack was empty the whole time.
  7. When you hover the mouse cursor over a farm with nothing planted, it shows the text "MISSING NAME".
  8. What's a lobster trap? PS: Very sexy update!
  9. Klei treats their players with such ridiculous generosity, they really didn't deserve an accident like this. Hope it all gets resolved without a wheelbarrow of cash being spent by our beloved game company!
  10. When playing as Wilbur, if you throw some poop at a jellyfish you will get an electric shock, even though you're nowhere near the animal.
  11. Update: Sorry, it appears I didn't actually include the save file. I can't upload it, it gives me a -200 error.
  12. I attached a Trawl Net to my Cargo Ship and started catching things in it. It soon got full and automatically detached. I rowed over to it, opened it and hovered my mouse cursor over each item and pressing the Change Box key, which were mostly Jellyfish (and 1 coral, 1 stone and 1 mussels, I think). On the first 6 or 7 items it worked as intended, adding the items to my Cargo Ship's inventory. But on the (I think) second-to-last Jellyfish, pressing the Change Box key twice seemed to make 2 more jellyfish spawn in the water next to the Net while the ones in it did not disappear. Upon pressing it again (I think) a 3rd time, the Jellyfish I'd clicked on got its green freshness indicator replaced with a percentage and the game immediately crashed to desktop. The percentage was different each time I reproduced the bug: 87%, 67%, 97%. I tried retrieving the items with the mouse after my Ship's inventory was full and it worked as expected, without bugs or crashing, so I'm pretty confident the issue happens when you use Change Box while having no space left in your Cargo Ship's inventory. But I didn't test whether it happened without a Trawl Net or without a Jellyfish.
  13. When a player dies from being poisoned their death is listed in the Morgue as "Shenanigans".
  14. Looking at what rezecib did, you can probably do something similar, like this: function c_delete() TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove()end