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  1. This has happened to me a bunch of times, but not always. When I generate a new world, the sound effect that usually plays will keep playing even after the game has started. I managed to record it:
  2. I reported it because it's confusing and seems inconsistent. Is the backpack too heavy, or too hot?
  3. When you pluck a plume from a peagawk, it grows back as soon as he enters "hiding mode". I'm not sure it's a bug.
  4. The Quarry pigs and the Farmer pigs tell me to "Come'st back on the morrow" after my first trade with them, even after 3 days have gone by. Is this a bug? "On the morrow" means "tomorrow", as far as I'm aware.
  5. When you examine a Lily Pad, Wilson says "I can't see the bottom".
  6. When you examine a Lily Pad, Wilson says "I can't see the bottom".
  7. I was walking around with my backpack and suddenly Wilson said it was too hot and started walking slowly. So I dropped it. After about a minute I came back to pick it up and this time he said it was too heavy (and started walking slowly again). The backpack was empty the whole time.
  8. When you hover the mouse cursor over a farm with nothing planted, it shows the text "MISSING NAME".
  9. Yes! It really throws me off! Maybe apply that to other players, as well. Also, it would be cool if the ghost showed up in the checkpoint progression bar.
  10. Is it just me, or are the forums pretty deserted these days? :/
  11. Right now, you can only save checkpoints when you're on the ground. This is great, but I'd like to propose the ability to save checkpoints in mid-air AND that checkpoints saved by the player also save the player's speed. This would make them much more valuable, because right now you can't practice a section if your route depends on you entering it with a certain speed, so the feature is pretty useless to anyone boosting through an entire level.
  12. [Game Update] - 277278

    What's a lobster trap? PS: Very sexy update!
  13. It's notoriously hard to predict how long a big project will take, so it's perfectly normal that they can't give us a date until they're sure it will be ready. I also suspect that they might not release it as early as Oxygen Not Included or Don't Starve because, since it's an RPG, it might be more important for us to get a complete experience.
  14. Klei treats their players with such ridiculous generosity, they really didn't deserve an accident like this. Hope it all gets resolved without a wheelbarrow of cash being spent by our beloved game company!