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  1. Nice to see a Timesplitters fan on the forums!

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    2. Ridd


      Yes, the elusive Jed. Or is it Insetick? Either way, they're toughies.

    3. MycoLogical


      Jed; that's the one :/

    4. Ridd


      Those two are tough. Reminds me that I need to change my profile picture. I'd change it to Jed, but he's kinda ugly at this resolution. Thanks for noticing!

  2. I don't know if it's been addressed or not, but will Wilson's beard be altered for skins like the invisible one or Young Wilson? It'd be weird seeing kid Wilson walking around with a beard down to his toes.
  3. I never thought they looked like that for that reason, so when I read this, I was a little taken aback, honestly. I love that now.
  4. Yeah, I don't get how his L key wasn't working two days ago, started working again, then crapped out once more an hour and a half later. Anyway, I don't really like the concept of a method to "escape" to Shipwrecked, so to speak. Makes me think of Morrowind, where you had to go to two really specific people (and no others) to get to the DLC worlds. Just seems clunky.
  5. Suk? Suck. I know all about sucking. Not in the verbal sense of the word, however, rather in the sense of as a person. Really, just reading the word brings me back. Back to the time when I was a cynical shell of a person, 100 pounds overweight with plenty to blame myself for. I really did hate myself back then, and others. Questioned every good deed done towards me, reacting to it as an offense rather than as a compliment. It really did take a wonderful, altruistic person such as herself to pull me out of those dark days. Now I feel like I'm going back in. That's sad.
  6. Ridd

    I Like ?

    I, like, totally agree!
  7. Ridd

    I Like ?

    Yeah, I liked her. Thought she reciprocated the feeling. I feel ya, derp. I dislike misdirection.
  8. Ridd

    I Like ?

    I liked Emily.
  9. Ridd

    I Like ?

    I like beards.
  10. These are pretty biased analogies; consoles aren't terribly impractical, and PCs aren't expensive or inconvenient. There's really nothing to prove, there's fun to be had on both. It's silly to stop yourself from playing the games you want because of silly misconceptions.
  11. Don't be a bigot; love all gaming apparatus equally.
  12. They'll reference the previous games subtly with a couple of returning characters and references to previous PC's actions - like Sheogorath in ESO and Skyrim. Otherwise, there'll definitely be plenty of exposition (likely a little too much) for new players.
  13. He's definitely not in control of his werebeaver form. When he regresses back to human form, Lucy Says "You're back!" which implies he leaves his sane frame of mind when he turns.