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  1. The biggest problem is that not only special characters are missing - the whole text is cropped. So, for example, instead of opening "Nice sailing. Chump.", being: "Tośmy popływali. Bałwan.", which would be "Tosmy poplywali. Balwan" without accented characters, we have: "Tomy popywali. Bawan." ...which is a nonsense gibberisz, and the game is basically unplayable using polish translation (despite translation itself being good, unlike coding...).
  2. It is still beyond me why DS:pocket can have keyboard/mouse control (albeit flawed and non-rebindable without 3rd party tools), and DS;Shipwrecked can't. Those games are awesome, but the patching and developing process for mobile platforms is a total mess. It is not even 2nd grade customer feeling, it is 6th grade...
  3. Files can be edited without such errors using "certain" tool that allow you to re-pack .apk without changing developer signature, and/or spoof signature checking to be always valid. Of course, modding game by editing game files themselves is very inconvenient and limited vs. desktop modding support (but can be done for small changes). Definitelly requiring root, and knowledge about various .apk tools and package management/modification suites from outside playstore's world.
  4. Incidentally, during winter holidays I had a chance to work on this a little more, and come to two solutions - one of them being exactly the application mentioned in Bippy's post. First solution - free of charge - comes from using Magisk, and a this module: ...but, instead of "just" installing it, you need to download it and modify before, editing the keymap files to match events to your controller (prior gathered via something like uevent monitor). Overall, it is complicated, long work, and I'm not recommending it (not to mention that if you're advanced enough to go through the procedure, you don't need my recommendations nor this guide-thread, TBH). Second solution - and IMO the recommended one - is using the application from Blippy's post, USB/BT Joystick center, in tandem with Sixaxis Controller application that you use to pair your DS3 equivalent (in case of using physical sixaxis controller). the procedure is as follows: 1. Pair your siaxis via Sixaxis Controller application like you usually do, 2. Ensure that "default" gamepad profile mapping is used (aka not modified for any other game, you can also create automatic application profile in Sixaxis Controller app, making it enable itself when USB/BT Joystick center is started). 3. Follow the instructions from Blippy's post - aka, enable driver middleman itself (J > T set to ON), x360 emulation ( Joy > set to "360"), and IME (input method) of USB/BT Joystick center enabled and in use. 4. Bind your siaxis buttons to their 360 equivalents (dpad to dpad, etc, or any way you want), or just load pre-made mapping from attachment to this very post. 5. Enjoy. --- Final note: It is real shame, that you have to use TWO additional paid programs to just use super-popualar controller in DS, just because porting team was too lazy to include siaxis dpad output events to filter of accepted dpad input in game. Android and its process of pairing with siaxis doesn't have anything to do with it, the game is just dumbly hardcoded to expect set of possible input events, and without any way for user to define own control scheme, if not using 3rd party applications. Grrrr... In any case, I am glad that it works in the end, and I can finally play it on my device, after just a little more than a year after purchase. Well, at least it wasn't trying to discourage me by implementing some anti-root detection... // Edit Root is obviously required, but it should't be a surprise (given that you already need it for Sixaxis Controller application). Don'tStarve_JoyPrefsFile_HID_1356_616_0.xml
  5. Thanks a ton, that works - also using GUI methods of remapping. With some tweaks, it should even allow to map sixaxis d-pad in a way that makes it behave like digital-only d-pad of xbox pad (technically, sixaxis d-pad IS digital, but each and every single button in sixaxis have also pressure-sensitivity axis... No idea why it affects don't starve even when DISABLED - IMO it is still bug on DS part - but whatever...).
  6. Well, a disappointing reply is better than nothing, so - without any irony - thanks for making it clear. I must admit, through, that the situation is kind of strange, as it makes DS one and only (with huge chance of being the literaly sole specimen) controller supporting Android program that refuses to acknowledge sixaxis-type controllers. While what you have said it's technically* true, everything and its uncle - from MAME emulators to drone control software - works without problems with said controller and *all* its input. Well, maybe I will be able to sort it myself via third party remaping (no chance of providing info what scancodes/keycodes DS expects for that damned D-Pad input?...), or if DS ever supports in-game controls remap. In all honesty - given how long the wait between iDevices controller support and bringing it to Android was - I don't have high hopes for that one, soon... *Technically, cause connecting via Sixaxis application became de-facto gold standard ages ago... To the point of everything recognising its "native gamepad" mode as vanilla Sixaxis connected, like on PC.
  7. Bump, anything on it? Confirmed, closed invalid, or maybe, can't reproduce?:
  8. Hello Klei, I have quite strange issue, with both DS and Shipwrecked on Android, if using controller (as in title, PlayStation Sixaxis 3). Namely, every button/trigger works as per tooltip, *EXCEPT* D-Pad (up, left, right, down), used to control selected item in inventory. Tooltips (like "down to drop") appear as they should, but pressing d-pad buttons does absolutely nothing, in any circumstances. The missing function isn't binded to anything else, too. As you may imagine, it makes gameplay using controller rather impossible. I am - also - quite certain, that it is issue on DS (Shipwrecked)'s side, as events for d-pad are registered, and every other game on same device doesn't have problems with registering d-pad controls. Hoping it won't be complicated fix, and ready to provide any logs you may need, on request. Help appreciated. Cheers, /Estel //Edit: Albeit most likely irrelevant, here is specification of my Android device: Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (SM-901F, kccat6) Android version: 7.1.2 LineageOS 14.1-2018-03-02-kccat6 //Edit 2 I am realtively certain that including rebind option with "press the button you want to assign <...> to" would save you guys trying to include definition for every gamepad device in the world (albeit I am quite surprised, that the Sixaxis - being second only to [albeit, arguably, much better than] xbox controler - doesn't work) and its rip-off copies. Still, huge thanks for adding controller support for Android port, at last! I almost lost hope of ever seeing it.
  9. Cute Survival Plushies

    Thanks for the update! Out of curiosity, any plans to push actualization to the version hosted on Steam workshop? Not that I'm fan of Steam (in fact, equally opposite), but considering that DST is sadly still Steam-only, ease of keeping mod u-to-date via workshop is cup of honey in the barrel of PITA
  10. Additional Equipment

    Very interesting ideas - I will tinker with the mod and check balance,m but I'm already pretty happy with the fact that refrain from making it OP. I just hope that we - non-steam, DRM-free users - will not have to wait another year if update occurs
  11. Soulful Alchemy

    Answer to self - after manually editing compatibility to hint having one with Shipwrecked, it seems safe to run. Still not sure if working properly, though (need to test it with RoG world started in SW compatibility mode).
  12. Waiter 101 (RoG, SW)

    I wonder if the original author is still around? Shipwrecked-compatible version - considering all the tropical and seafood components - would be awesome.
  13. Strom the Tree

    I wonder if poor Strom could make some friends in DST? Or would it be too hard due to his custom firefly mechanism? Also, what is his compatibility status with Shipwrecked?