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  1. Thanks for the update! Out of curiosity, any plans to push actualization to the version hosted on Steam workshop? Not that I'm fan of Steam (in fact, equally opposite), but considering that DST is sadly still Steam-only, ease of keeping mod u-to-date via workshop is cup of honey in the barrel of PITA
  2. Very interesting ideas - I will tinker with the mod and check balance,m but I'm already pretty happy with the fact that refrain from making it OP. I just hope that we - non-steam, DRM-free users - will not have to wait another year if update occurs
  3. Answer to self - after manually editing compatibility to hint having one with Shipwrecked, it seems safe to run. Still not sure if working properly, though (need to test it with RoG world started in SW compatibility mode).
  4. I wonder if the original author is still around? Shipwrecked-compatible version - considering all the tropical and seafood components - would be awesome.
  5. I wonder if poor Strom could make some friends in DST? Or would it be too hard due to his custom firefly mechanism? Also, what is his compatibility status with Shipwrecked?
  6. It's a huge shame that "no more chester F-ing" mod never came to fruition... I hit the issue with chesteroFilia ALL THE TIME.
  7. Estel

    Simple HUD

    Any chances for DST version? I haven't found ANY DST hud mod that would be as convenient to use as this
  8. Hey _Q_, I've made an updated version of this variant of your mod (as it like it more than time-based one) - it works fine with RoG, and it ensured you get rotten egg for monster meat, in addition to spoiled/stale meta thing. Are you OK with me uploading the updated version here?
  9. Crashing with the latest update to Don't Starve when picking things from the crock pot - but, at the same time, it seems that they FINALLY fixed it? At least I haven't run into spoiler things from crockpot even once, now.
  10. Actually, the gunpower thing works great - just like varg spawning during hound attacks. I have no idea why gunpowder fire hounds is commented out by default. Speaking of it - any chances for DST compatible version? such deadly attacks would be fun in cooperative
  11. Estel


    If author is still around,: I wonder if it would be possible to make it DST compatible? Also, I guess some fishy-things from Shipwrecked could use some love, too...
  12. Out of curiosity, is DST version as possibility? It works like a charm for base DS:ROG. //Edit What is status of compatibility with Shipwrecked?
  13. Soooo, how slim are chances for version compatible with DST? Also, how dangerous is to try using it with Shipwrecked? Scientifically dangerous/ Magically insane?