Invisible Inc In The New Year

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  • Developer

Hey everyone,


Holy Shalem, it's almost 2015! As we get closer and closer to Invisible Inc's full release we want to keep you guys up to date with what's coming up for Invisible during the remainder of Early Access.  


For the next couple months, we're going to continue releasing updates on a biweekly basis as we have been during early access so far, until around the middle of February. These are going to be the same types of updates as you have already experienced: new items, new characters, new missions, and balance changes.


Starting in February, we'll be working on one last major update that we can’t fit into a biweekly schedule. Throughout Early Access, we’ve been tuning the core gameplay loop, but the game itself has an arc that we’ve always envisioned that you may have already seen hints of here and there. For our final update, we will be adding in huge features like the final mission(s), the full story arc, and new tougher enemies. 



During this time, we’ll still be watching the forums as always and we may patch in some hotfixes for major bugs; but as a whole, our major focus will be on launch.  


Our target date for launch is Spring 2015 barring any unforeseen issues (discerning readers may remember that we've said Early 2015 in the past -- now that we're closer to launch, we've gotten a better idea of when that is). This plan lets us do two very important things. First, we can build out a bigger experience that is difficult to do in biweekly segments, and second, it allows everyone to experience the full game at the same time -- at launch!


We can't wait for the chance to show you guys Invisible, Inc. as the full and polished experience we've always envisioned. With all the changes and improvements you guys have helped us make, we really feel you are in for a remarkable experience. Thank you for being a member of the Invisible, Inc. community -- your feedback, discussion and suggestions have been invaluable, keep ‘em coming!

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Can we expect any voices from the agents? 

They only have to be the line they say in the beginning of a mission or maybe a fainting sound when shot by a guard.

I't would really add more feel to the game IMO. 


We don't have any plans to voice the agents during missions. We had some test voices in an internal build once, and we figured out that they sounded very weird unless they had a lot of variations and voice responses to various situations (otherwise the voice clips seemed too sporadic and out of place). Giving every agent a full array of voice would be a huge undertaking for our team, and we'd rather spend that time making sure that the game has tons of replayability and the gameplay is the best we can make it. 


Will the 'final missions, story arc and new tougher enemies' be playtested by us, or will they remain a "surprise"?


Our current plan is to debut the final missions and story arc in the release build. So far, we've had a lot of success giving you guys the core gameplay and iterating on it over and over again based on your feedback. But we think the final mission and story arc will be better served by a holistic approach that really lets us give you guys our complete vision for those specific parts rather than using the piecemeal iterative design method that works well for other parts of the game.  

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Hyped as I always been for Invisibile Inc., and even if it's off the scope of the game I still dream for a bit of base building in sandbox mode. Sorry I can't help myself  :joyous:

The screenshot seems to be located on the plane where Incognita is stored and the agent are transported between missions, maybe there will be a mission on board.

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