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  1. I just realized you existed.:wilson_ecstatic:

  2. Those votekick suggestions are solid. We want to avoid overdesigning it for our initial implementation, but we'll be keeping a close eye on your feedback and won't hesitate to change it or implement some of those suggestions if we feel like it's being abused.
  3. very good avatar / post combo imo. i can really imagine that dude wanting to mess up some smallbirds
  4. Uh-oh, I haven't seen any of these. Are these all one session, and do they disappear when you restart the game? Has this happened multiple times?
  5. Thanks for the bug reports all! I've attempted to recreate the situations you've described, and it does seem like we've managed to fix some of these situations. I think that this bug will appear less in the upcoming patch, but we'd appreciate it if (once the new patch comes out) you can keep letting us know if you see it, as it's one of the more frustrating and game-breaking bugs -- I know first-hand >
  6. Feel free just to post e'm in this thread, I'm just curious to see if the stuff people are seeing is the stuff that we feel confident we've fixed or things we've never personally encountered before.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! The overwatch bug is actually several different bugs on our end that pop up occasionally in the form of guards shooting before they're supposed to be shooting. The main situation we know is happening this patch is the situation where you melee reaction one guard and then another one walks in and shoots you. This particular version of the bug will be fixed in the next patch (on Tuesday). For what it's worth, I can say that I've been playing a lot of the upcoming patch and I haven't experienced any of the overwatch bug yet. Of course, that doesn't mean it's entirely gone as it's only really tested after a thousand people play it at the same time. But here's to hoping it's a lot better! On a similar note: Can anyone who's experienced the overwatch bug post here and describe the situation that they were in when the bug happened? It would help us to know if there are lots of different situations where this is happening or it's mostly the melee reaction bug. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! This is a known way for it to happen, we're working on a fix for this.
  9. Tell everyone at Klei that weirdobob says Hi

  10. Was a success outside of the one panicking moment where I realized our game was broken and we had no internet in the Seattle convention center @Bigfoot saving the day as always, of course!
  11. Hey everyone, @Jason and I are going to be showing off Invisible again this year at PAX Prime. If you're coming to the convention, come by the Klei booth and say hi! We'll be out of the office from Thursday to Tuesday, so you won't see us on the forums very much until that time. After PAX, we'll be back in full force!