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  1. I'm guessing this next patch won't have much new content but will mostly be balancing and debugging.
  2. He's an extra agent nevertheless, you can re-equip him afterwards and he can still explore, even without any gear. Perhaps the problem is not that the agent doesn't get his gear back (which makes a whole lot of sense, narratively speaking), but that there needs to be more mechanisms that allow to replenish an agent's inventory? I think Monst3r should have more gear to sell, like maybe always have lower-tier equipment like junker pistol and neural disrupter 1. I also think we need a crapload more items to build upon. Go design team go!
  3. I think this is intentional, Xu's ability disables devices for a turn so you can't use them. Also kills drones permanently.
  4. One quick thing : I wish we could just see what augment is in the grafter before choosing to pick it up. I just had Dr Xu pick up sadochistic pumps while Shalem got a piercing scanner. I lost a great tactical opportunity for this run I think.
  5. After the second update, you could hack cameras that had been prior to being activated without having to see them again. It's not the case anymore. Is this by design? I found it was quite practical.