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  1. Prior to Outbreak, I could set up a set of Algae Terrariums and pipe water to where they were. The water vent would be placed on the floor so that water would stop flowing at one tile height, and the bank of Algae Terrariums would happily produce oxygen. Starting with Outbreak, this setup doesn't work any more. Terrariums in 1 tile of water claim they need water and don't soak up the environmental water, which stops oxygen production.
  2. Is it intentional that the Accelerator Chips require ANARCHY and not HACKING ??
  3. I'll second the Augment Installer issue. I should be able to pick who gets what // or I should be able to swap the augments out at a later time.
  4. I have mixed feelings about the loss of inventory space on Deckard and Internationale. I noticed it immediately since I restart with a Story Mode after each fresh build. With these two characters, it means that initial carry space is very limited.
  5. There are three kinds of unlockable/unpassable doors I've found: 1: Enemy elevators 2: "Rear Vault" doors, which need an object (passcode) from *another* mission 3: Your own elevator on a "Courier" mission. You might add a fourth too: 4: A door that gave an option to hack the entire level that was then botched.