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  1. There's another thread for yesterday's hotfix: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/53849-hotfix-may-11-2015/ And I'm sure Klei have more patches planned.
  2. James Lantz has a postmortem GDC talk that covers some of that ground. You can find it here: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1021919/Designing-Procedural-Stealth-for-Invisible
  3. Really cool update. Just rescued Nika in my first game of this build. Didn't notice the Parasite change (the help text for it still mentioned cooldown), so I didn't take it. I really like the agents' abilities being unique augments. And the Shalem buff.
  4. Yeah, I had a massive bottleneck like that on my successful Normal run. Ended up with about six guards dead or knocked out around one doorway, and then I ran to the end. That's been a typical experience for the last level, too. Feels much more violent than it should be?
  5. One of the real joys of the game is that "impossible" situations rarely are,
  6. These sound like a bug and an exploit respectively.
  7. It is kind of hilarious that you can slam a door in a guard's face to escape his overwatch, though.
  8. Yeah, never, ever miss a chance to close a door. Leaving them open will come back to haunt you in surprising ways.
  9. The poll options weren't really enough for me, because I do think the game needs tweaking and rebalancing. Of course it does; it's in beta. But I'm more than on board with the overall design philosophy of frustration, failure, permadeath, bad luck, try again. Each playthrough is an adventure with lessons to be learned, and just like in XCOM or FTL or any number of roguelikes, victory is a bonus, not an expectation. I'd be saddened if they went another direction with it.
  10. Medpack is essential, to the point that it should be nerfed somehow or raised in price. I've revived people over and over after death, even with level 6 alarm. You just have to be patient and either wait guards out or lure them away.