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  2. In game the best way to do it would be a second circle, around the tile you're hovering over, that shows you how far your agent can go NEXT TURN if he or she were to stop in that tile. Maybe you have to hold down SHIFT or something to see it. If you assume 1-2-1-2 (aka 1.5 tiles per diagonal move) then yes, the difference is always in your favor (if not the odds). However, if you're going for more accuracy and assume 1.4, 1.41, etc then whenever there's a difference it'll always be against you because you're always assuming you move LESS. If only root 2 was 1.45xxxxxxx then it'd be better EDIT: One more quick thing. Most of that chart business I put above was to show that you really only need 1.4, not 1.41421356237309504880168872420969807856967187537694807317667973799 or even 1.41 1.4 isn't THAT much harder to do the math for in your head than 1.5, and again I ask, how often do you move 11 times DIAGONALLY in a single turn?
  3. I guess I can see how someone would want that, but I can't see how I ever would. I just don't micromanage down to that level and don't find the concept of it fun. I just assume that every 2 diagonal moves takes 3 ap, count it up, and if I have it, great. If not, then I figure I don't have it. From now on I'll add an extra 1 AP if I go more than 4 diagonal squares but that's just because I did the math already and probably won't forget. Are the number of times you need to go more than 4 diagonal squares AND reach a single exact square of the only safety possible THAT frequent that whipping out a calculator or consulting a chart would be THAT terrible to do?
  4. It tells you on the left side of the screen how much AP you have left. It also shows you on the map every tile your agent can reach. I thought it was 2-1-2-1 per move, actually. I never noticed I sometimes got a "bonus" square due to it being 1.4(blablabla) ap per diagonal move.Assuming it goes 2-1-2-1 (ie, 1.5) is accurate up to the 4th diagonal move. Assuming it's actually 1.4 is accurate up to the 11th diagonal move, which would actually take you 16ap instead of 15ap. Assuming it's actually 1.41 is accurate up to the 23rd diagonal move, which would actually take you 32ap instead of 33ap. If you need it to be more accurate than this, then you're playing with far better augments and items than I've ever found. Here's a handy chart: Moves AP1 12 33 44 65 76 87 108 119 1310 1411 1612 1713 1814 2015 2116 2317 2418 2519 2720 2821 3022 3123 3324 3425 3526 3727 3828 4029 4130 42
  5. Personally I think the augment machine should prep your agent for augments. Once you've done it, you can install and uninstall augments at will, but before then you can't. And it should use its own slot and not an inventory slot. That would take quite a bit of balancing (for example, the augment mission becomes critical unless you put the machines in other maps as well) but it seems a bit more workable. They're still all-or-nothing but now you can tweak them once you've committed to going the augment route.