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  1. i see light blue (white?) and gold
  2. is that only my eyes, or your chew became deeper?
  3. 8/8 would chew again.

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    2. shigad


      also the bread is reference to that you opened the thread "i am bread" (i know it's a name of the game, but i choose to ignore that)

    3. Halved
    4. ThePreChewedTree


      haffed is luminatu cunfiorm

  4. i guess... ask the person who made this sack in the first place... *everyone turn their head 180 degrees* "ouch, my neck!"
  5. who said the sock done something? also he is inside the sack so you need to say "lay in the sack", not "lay on the floor"
  6. and the sack sucked the sock in the sick
  7. os sorry my speaker was off.
  8. your back is "the years"?