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dst then dst+caves then dst+dlc then dst+adventure mode. Then maybe boats between worlds because who knows, monsters in water, giants on air, maybe a close look in the other dimension, meeting the forces behind Maxwell. Another portal like Maxwell door, where only Maxwell can go and defeat his boss. Depends on community what they ask for this game, they need ideas from us, when times ask. But now they focus on together so this the future in this year maybe next year.

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I really hope Don't Starve continues to have good sales and a stable fanbase, so updates and mods will continue to be made.

The fact that Klei factors in positive community influence into developments creates a firm example to other video game developers in general how similar games can become successful on the market, true it's already being done, but it's something to keep Don't Starve going on for.


Anyway, I want boats---I wanna be a crazy starving castaway pirate with a crew of pigman. The ocean looks so neat in-game, I wanna see more of those waves!!

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Potato Cup update, I should think. 


On a more serious note, I wouldn't mind an update to do with insanity. I feel like so much more can be done with it. 


Yeah, low sanity doesn't seem like a big stressor for me. When I play as Wigfrid, I tend to survive just on monster meat and just beat down the shadow monsters repeatedly.

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