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  1. Wild idea; remove these item completely from game. Can be in files, but not used in any craft recipe and not dropped by anything. They just not something you can make very useful to be always collected when you get it dropped. * Nitre (really annoying to carry or leave on ground when mining regular rock) * Stinger (you know why) Hamlet has pig skins and pig skin? that drops from vampire bats as separate items, but can stack into one. Some other item could do with same mechanic. Some of this items not exactly the same in nature but are very much alike in use. Moonrock walls then can be make with marble and marble suit with moonrock. It even sort of work because full moon and new moon tied to marbled clockwork pieces and there is marble pillars with marble flooring where there set pieces are set. * Marble + Moonrock * Hound tooth + Bone shard (both need stack the same)
  2. So, same concept, different flavor of paint! Just like my Hamlet thread: And my ONI thread: It is time, for me to take up another mantle with this DST beta! ...I'm gonna need some time though to gather up and launch an expedition into the files to see what's new.
  3. I was thinking of. I heard lot people wanted boss something alike to Pugalisk from Hamlet so i got this idea if to fight Sea Serpant! They look like snake alike dragons on sea so i was thinking klei loves to make like mixed creatures. Was thinking like Sea Zebrant like that head shape of horse, have teeth same sharp like dragons and eyes totally red make it look terrifing and that and have that cool white and black like scales make it look close resemble to zebra. Give your ideas on types monster on sea to see in future.
  4. Just curious. Also those who were in the ANR beta, will we keep our worlds?
  5. Menu Redesign [Beta]

    Version 0.0.5


    This mod changes up the menu layout to more friendly and font changes too if you want more suggest something! What's New: - Changed Layout - Changed Font - Changed up Login Screen [Version: 0.0.5] Copyright © 2019 Matthew Lengerman Credits: Klei This mod is using modinfo version 2.0.0
  6. Willow is based on novels about young people related to pyrokinesis, mainly “Firestarter” (or “Charlie” in some editions) by Stephen king: During her childhood, Charlene ("Charlie") McGee had a teddy bear which she ignited on fire by simply looking at it, through the power of her mind. Bernie is not only based on Firestarter, he´s inspired by the classic haunted dolls, animated by magic or spirits, who will harm or protect certain persons. One of the big traits of Charlie is having a strong (but fiery) temper and little patience, always manifesting in her behavior. Willow acts in this way too: -"You jerk! Let me in!" (Pig House occupied, lights off) -"A cone full of jerks." (Killer Bee Hive) -"Jerks that slither." (Snake) -"Jerks that swim." (Sea Hound) -"Stay back, you big jerk!" (Krampus) -"Hurry up, dirtpile. Feed me!" (Farm, growing) -"But I want more berries!" (Berry Bush, picked) -"Stupid rabbits. Come out so I can eat you." (Rabbit Hole) While Telekinesis is the ability to influence actions in objects with the mind, Pyrokinesis is the ability of creating and controlling fire by thought: The name Willow is related to magic, witchcraft, to be more exact. For example the willow tree is know as "witchs´s tree" due to its parts being used as ingredients for potions, and rituals in old times by witches and warlocks. Interestingly Willow was also portrayed as a witch in her Funko Pops and Halloween art. "A symbol of stake-burnt sisterhood." (Fiery Witch's Hat description) In old times, people accused of witchcraft were burned in stakes. Between 1920 & 1930, Japan started to produce lighters under the brand “Willow”, with different models and decorations. One of the most popular models. (Looks familiar, right?)
  7. This video is based on Tapirus (Broken Dice)'s post "A full explanation about Willow's Design", thank you for approaching me to suggest making video on such interesting topic. Quite timely topic too given Willow's recent rework. Anyways, enjoy! Original Post :
  8. Now, I'm aware that no new contents going to come anytime soon due to the DST roadmap, Hamlet, etc. But, when his is all done, would you want to see some more big updates come to SW, or instead focus on the more recent installments in the franchise.
  9. The DST Skins Checklist has been designed to help you more easily keep track of your DST skins collection. This can be done by manually checking off items or by directly syncing the checklist with your inventory on Steam. The layout is fairly rustic, but it lets you view, filter, and search the skins you own, have duplicates of, or are missing in the game. All save data is stored locally on your computer (in your browser's Local Storage). The checklist is a single HTML file (images are all embedded) and can be used online or from your desktop: Checklist: HTML File: For best compatibility, open the file using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; some features may not function properly in other browsers. Updates: 05/08/19: Version 1.9.4 - Updated names for 3 skins (as changed in DST 05/08/19 Patch) 05/07/19: Version 1.9.3 - New skins (from DST 05/07/19 Patch) added 03/28/19: Version 1.9.2 - New skins (from DST 03/28/19 Patch) added and updated rarity order to match game 03/07/19: Version 1.9.1 - New skins and rarities (from DST 03/07/19 Patch) added 02/28/19: Version 1.9.0 - Column sorting, multi-filters, tooltips, and skin type column added 01/24/19: Version 1.8.29 - New skins (from DST 01/24/19 Patch) added 01/09/19: Version 1.8.28 - Updated the Winter's Feast 2018 Event end date (as extended in DST 01/09/19 Announcement) 12/19/18: Version 1.8.27 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2018 Event end date (to 01/08/19) 12/06/18: Version 1.8.26 - New skins (from DST 12/06/18 Patch) added 12/03/18: Version 1.8.25 - Updated the rarity of 5 skins (as changed in DST 12/03/18 Patch) 11/22/18: Version 1.8.24 - Updated the Hallowed Nights Event end date (as extended in DST 11/22/18 Announcement) 11/19/18: Version 1.8.23 - New skin (from DST 11/13/18 Patch) added 11/13/18: Version 1.8.22 - New skins (from DST 11/13/18 Patch) added 11/08/18: Version 1.8.21 - New skins (from DST 11/08/18 Patch) added 10/26/18: Version 1.8.20 - New skin (from DST 10/26/18 Patch) added 10/26/18: Version 1.8.19 - New skins (from DST 10/25/18 Patch) added and filter layout changed 09/29/18: Version 1.8.18 - New skins (from DST 09/27/18 Patch) added 07/18/18: Version 1.8.17 - New skins (from DST 07/18/18 Patch) added 07/07/18: Version 1.8.16 - Updated the Gorge Event end date (as extended in DST 07/06/18 Announcement) 06/18/18: Version 1.8.15 - New skins (from DST 06/18/18 Patch) added 06/14/18: Version 1.8.14 - New skins (from DST 06/14/18 Patch) added 03/01/18: Version 1.8.13 - Updated the Year of the Varg Event end date (as extended in DST 03/01/18 Announcement) 02/23/18: Version 1.8.12 - Fixed a save import bug from Version 1.8.10 02/13/18: Version 1.8.11 - Updated active event rarity skins for the Year of the Varg event (as enabled in DST 02/13/18 Announcement) 02/11/18: Version 1.8.10 - Fixed incorrect rarity of two skins and checklist versioning scheme changed 02/09/18: Version 1.8.9 - New skins (from DST 02/09/18 Patch) added 01/11/18: Version 1.8.8 - Updated name of Magnificent Fuelweaver Ornament and image for Wes's The Roseate skin (as changed in DST 01/08/18 Patch) 12/24/17: Version 1.8.7 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2017 Event end date (to 01/08/18) 12/19/17: Version 1.8.6 - New skins (from DST 12/18/17 Patch) added 11/28/17: Version 1.8.5 - Updated the Forge and Hallowed Nights event end dates (as extended in DST 11/28/17 Announcement) 11/09/17: Version 1.8.4 - New skins (from DST 11/09/17 Patch) added 10/30/17: Version 1.8.3 - New skins (from DST 10/30/17 Patch) added 10/26/17: Version 1.8.2 - Fixed incorrect image for Wendy's The Challenger skin 10/26/17: Version 1.8.1 - New skins (from DST 10/23/17 Patch) added 09/13/17: Version 1.8.0 - New skins (from DST 09/13/17 Patch), skin tags, and collapsible headings added 05/18/17: Version 1.7.7 - New rarity modifier and skins (from DST 05/18/17 Patch) added 04/28/17: Version 1.7.6 - Updated name of Ancient Explorer to The Ancient Explorer (as renamed in DST 04/28/17 Patch) 04/27/17: Version 1.7.5 - Updated skin names (as renamed in DST 04/27/17 Patch) 04/25/17: Version 1.7.4 - New skins (from DST 04/25/17 Patch) added 04/24/17: Version 1.7.3 - New skins (from DST 04/24/17 Patch) added 04/22/17: Version 1.7.2 - New skins (from DST 04/21/17 Patch) added 04/18/17: Version 1.7.1 - Updated rarities of skins (as changed in DST 04/18/17 Patch) 04/10/17: Version 1.7.0 - New skins (from DST 04/10/17 Patch), new release filter, and duplicates total tally added 02/14/17: Version 1.6.2 - New skins (from DST 02/14/17 Patch) added 02/08/17: Version 1.6.1 - Corrected the Year of the Gobbler 2017 Event end date (to 02/13/17) 01/19/17: Version 1.6.0 - New skins (from DST 01/19/17 Patch) added, reward progress bar added, and save import method changed 12/21/16: Version 1.5.4 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2016 Event end date (to 01/05/17) 12/19/16: Version 1.5.3 - New skins (from DST 12/19/16 Patch) added 12/15/16: Version 1.5.2 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2016 Event start date (to 12/15/16) 12/09/16: Version 1.5.1 - New skins (from DST 12/08/16 Patch) added 11/25/16: Version 1.5.0 - New rarities/skins (from DST 11/24/16 Patch) and skin set detection added 11/14/16: Version 1.4.3 - Updated name of Beeyonet to Bumble Spear (as renamed in DST 11/14/16 Patch) 11/08/16: Version 1.4.2 - New skin (from DST 11/08/16 Patch) added and Steam Inventory syncing method improved 10/21/16: Version 1.4.1 - Corrected the Hallowed Nights 2016 Event end date (to 11/08/16) and event detection prompt added 10/19/16: Version 1.4.0 - New skins (from DST 10/18/16 Patch), dynamic tallying, skin search, and version checker added 09/18/16: Version 1.3.2 - Fixed syncing issue for WX-78 Elegant skins 09/17/16: Version 1.3.1 - Fixed syncing issue for Nightdress (known as Nightgown in some countries/regions) 09/03/16: Version 1.3.0 - New skins (from DST 09/01/16 Patch) and duplicates detection/sorting added 07/25/16: Version 1.2.0 - Steam Inventory syncing via JSON text added 07/23/16: Version 1.1.1 - Skin colors now use Steam item tags as an identifier (instead of description text) 07/11/16: Version 1.1.0 - New skins (from DST 07/07/16 Patch) and save import/deletion added 06/20/16: Version 1.0.0 - Initial release on Klei Forums Other Tools: DST Armor Breakage Calculator: A tool to calculate the number of hits different combinations of head and body armor can take from a damage source before it breaks. DST Daily & Weekly Drops Countdown: A countdown timer for when the daily and weekly skin drops reset in the game. It will automatically adjust to your local timezone. Original First Post:
  10. Hey modders o/ I'm a bit of a potato in coding so maybe a kind soul can be nice and help me with a mod idea I got so... it's basically signs... normal signs like this BUT with selectable icons for beefalos, rabbits, bunnymen, pigs, moleworms, rock lobsters, suspicious marble pieces. (don't mind ****ty unpolished copy pasted icons :P) They can be seen on the mini map too... something like that so yeap.. there you have it I hope someone with a nice heart can make this happen ty
  11. I was going through the updated Speech_Waxwell.lua file for DST to see what Maxwell had to say about Wortox when I came across some... interesting text. At first I thought they might be snarky comments from one of the developers, but the more I found the more I realized they were meant to be from another game character. And then I found lines in the Speech_Winona.lua (I wasn't able to find any lines in the other characters' files): I think it's evident that the speaker is supposed to be Charlie. This is the first time I've seen these lines; I was curious if they've been there for a while and I just never noticed them before or if they're a new addition.
  12. Hey everyone! Here's an update video for what's new in "Welcome to Hamton!" on PS4. This is a bit of a different world, where players spawn right into the middle of a bustling little town. Players can buy gear at shops, take on quests for currency, buy/build a house, find sidequests, compete in the Arena, or just explore this crazy world. I've added new towns, new shops, new quests, and a new biome in the last 1000 days. If you want a more in depth look at the rest of the surface world then check out my 2000+ day base tour. I'm trying to play more consistently lately so keep an eye out for "Welcome to Hamton!" when browsing worlds and feel free to join up! Open to the public in Autumn, friends only in Winter & Spring, and closed for Summer. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you in Hamton soon!
  13. Klei should rebalance some craft recipe of items, structures. Bat Bat for example always bother me that it so hard to craft and has only 150 durability, five bat wings really hard to get, need goo RNG to even get 5 bat wings when killing many bats sometimes. Some player said cat tail whip is too expensive for it cost, but it can have just more durability instead. Weather pain would be nice if you can refuel with Goose feathers for may be 3 to 5 extra uses; goat horns hard to come but Goose feather you can get plenty while is limited to something like 60 amount every spring so would be reasonable.
  14. Hey guys, don't we all have the same frustration when it comes to "teleporting" in DST. Don't we want the same luxury as PC players and be able to control the range of our teleportation? I have a suggestion I hope the devs consider, and if we get enough community support I'm sure the Devs would at least tinker with the controls a bit to make that function in the game more enjoyable. There are 2 buttons for "inspect" in the game. (Up) on the Directional pad and (∆). What if instead, we have (∆) as "Manage Inventory" and (R2) will be cast spell in front of player character. Then if the player Press and hold (R2), the player can move the direction of their spell with (R+stick), and cast it when they let go of the (R2) button. This would allow players or who play wortox to easily cook without jumping, and manuever in combat or around the world more flexibly. Let me know what you guys think.
  15. Does anyone know what the next character to go through rework will be? I played Wx for years, and I heard some people commenting that it could be him ...
  16. I've seen this one quite a few times, mostly coming from experienced players. What do you guys think? I personally think it depends on gametime, and once you know what and when to do it, it gets a lil easy on you
  17. Hello Klei, we need to talk... take a seat and grab a nice cup of hot cocoa. To get to the point, i want to talk about skins... I must say you guys do an amazing job on keeping us all looking fresh and cool with your beautiful designs. But if I see one more skin of an Umbrella or Straw Hat, I'm going to pop Wes's Balloons. But to be more serious, skins i would LOVE to see in the upcoming future which I have complete faith we'll eventually see is skins for the following items: Eyebrella ( ASAP please ) Furnace ( Furnace skin would look bad*ss) Lightning Rods ( They deserve a new face after all those bolts of lightning they've saved our bases from) Dark Swords ( Need to kill stuff with stuff that looks cool) Endothermic Firepit ( Because the cooler it looks, the cooler you are) Glow lamp / Mushlights ( Gotta light up those Bases with fancy looking lights ) Pig house ( So it feels better making them homeless by breaking them ) filthy pigs Bunny Huts ( Read above ) Cobblestone and other variants of craft-able turf ( Carpet, Marble, Wooden Flooring ) Walls ( Because Glermz needs to litter the world with more different looking variants ) Atleast 46 more Variants of Lantern skins ( please ) Anyhows, thank you for taking the time to read this and for the awesome content you guys keep pumping out.
  18. I realised I have yet to share any of my DS art here on the forum, so here goes! "Kleiground" is a fan name for crossover art that brings together things from different Klei games. No, I did not come up with the name. Thank @WilliamGreywind (You can find my art stuff under or .) I started off by drawing a lot of Wendy for Inktober Wendy and Abi I may be obsessed with Tallbirds, smallbirds, and everything in-between Then I started drawing DS/Invisible Inc crossover art? Draco (from the Contingency Plan DLC) would be impressed by Wendy's edge, if they ever met. DS isn't the only Klei game with a superior-acting automaton/cyborg character (I would be remiss not to advertise a mod my friend made that brings Dr. Xu to DST!)
  19. Another art thread

    After exploring the forums, learning the basics, and getting a mental image of Wes and Wigfrid getting kinky seared into my mind (thanks a bunch Minespach) I've decided to settle down and create my own art thread. I'm expecting it to get like, 5 followers. And yes, I know it's so original, and has never been done before. Answers to questions nobody's asked yet, and never will thanks to this handy and convenient answer section : How frequently will you post? I dunno. Probably barely ever. I might get into the habit of posting. That's a big MIGHT What will you post? Mostly Don't Starve / Don't Starve Together custom Brickheadz, but also some other fanart. Mostly other fanart now that I think about it. But what the "I know for a fact kids go on this forum so I'm not gonna swear" are Brickheadz? But what is fanart? Here, have a Winona for your troubles: Just ignore the corner where the background is falling off, that didn't show when I took the photo
  20. My first concepts of items and structures into DST. If I ever learn how to mod, I might make a mod with these... But what do they do? Hamulet: When wore on body slot (like any other amulet) it restores Hunger by the cost of Sanity. (I know, it'd be a second Red Gem amulet...) Crafting: Red Gem, 3x Gold Nuggets, 3x Pig Skin Heat Stone: When used (right clicked on this item in inventory), heats player almost to overheating temperature and keeps that temperature for some time. Crafting: 2x Red Gems, 12x Rocks (or 1x Thermal Stone, haven't decided yet) Gem Bomb: Works similar to Coconade/Obsidian Coconade from Shipwrecked. Crafting: 3x Red Gems, Gunpowder, 2x Rope Moon Protector: When the player is fighting near this structure, it has small chance of activating protective bubble, similar to the one from Thulecite Crown. Crafting: Red Moonlens, 10x Gold Nugget, 8x Living Log Ultra Fire Pit (I know, this name sucks): Works similarly to Obsidian Fire Pit from Shipwrecked. Crafting: 5x Red Gems, 8x Rocks, 6x Logs Tell me your opinion about these. Also, Heat Stone's name is reference to original name of Thermal Stone
  21. Hey everyone! Here's a quick update video to show what's new from the day 2000+ world tour. This IS a PS4 world, but it's different enough I figured it was still worth posting. In this world, players spawn in the busy town of Hamton, where they can use lucky gold nuggets to buy gear and items in the town's many shops. Players can take on "quests" to gather resources in exchange for more LGN's and even take up hidden "sidequests" for big rewards. There's two towns on the surface and three in the caves with unique shops, services, and quest givers available. Open to the public in Autumn, Friends only for Winter and Spring, and closed for Summers. I like to think this set up gives players a weird RPG-like experience for DST where they can pop in when they want to make steady progress and even claim a part of the world as their own to change to their liking. If anyone has some suggestions or just some crazy idea they want me to try I'd love to hear it! Thanks everyone and I hope you like it! (I'll get some gifs of the new stuff uploaded soon) 2nd Byrgenwerth Bank & Trust Ham Depot Wild Pig Village Cliff Ranger Station The Cliffs Dragonfly Area The Dragonforge Byrgenwerth Dark Magic Shop Curious Shop 1st Byrgenwerth Bank & Trust Byrgenwerth Blacksmith Mushroom Shop The Chapel of Shadows High Priest's Office Road to Truff Welcome to Truff! ??? Shop Truff Longhouse Surface Map Overview Caves Map Overview
  22. Hey guys, My problem is that I made two characters, who workes perfectly seperated but if I put both in game, the game crashes immediately. I'll upload both files, so you can check them and maybe you can tell me what's the problem. Please don't be confused, the Desgin isn't finished yet. (( And sorry if my english is bad. It isn't my native language)) Dylan.7z Renneko.7z
  23. I was thinking what if Winnie comes as next character from the list where Wortox was on the uniplememented characters from DS. Like she was told to be as Wigfrid at first then they said wigfrid sister.and in the end she got scrapped away. So would be cool to have a wigfirds twin sister who is like mainly like house keeping you base, working on like farms and crops and animals. And as i was thinking her sister is only meat eater i was thinking if she could be only veggie eater. And maybe her unique skill to be like koalphants, rabbits dont run away from her and tallbirds, frogs dont attack her. maybe give her stick that has ability when she holds it every mob will follow her like volt goats, koalas and every other. And would be cool if she was only character if she gets bitten or attacked by hounds or monsters. The mobs that dont attack her can be viewed on your screene come defend you. And maybe give her new building item like crop thing that can grow crops in winter and maybe give her the hoe thing from gorge that she can just pull the land and put crops down that she dosnt need to use farms but minus the will be they gonna grow slower than on farms. And - would be if she kills animals will hurt her sanity. So you need people to do it if they want meat and maybe make her vegie eater only too.
  24. There is DST skins mod for single player and it would work fine, but there is problem. Don't Starve has coop mod and if developed further can be almost like multiplayer with Parsec. Parsec is software that make local coop games online. If single player can be coop with Parsec, then with more features to coop mod, you can have all multiplayer features plus DLC content owned by one player. All that needs happen is for coop mod to allow multiple screens render, process multiple world if a player is there and add more player support. Simulate dedicated server and some DST mechanics probably not that hard either. Add Parsec to the mix and DST not relevant anymore because single player has more DLC content.
  25. Hello guys, just an update on the DS/T Discord, which is currently at 5200 members and growing at unprecedented rates! Everyone is welcome to join, the invite is We're not official however we are the Wikia and Subreddit's Discord, and we have actual developers on the server. With the new DS and DST updates there's much to discuss on theorize about on the server, and it's a great way to find other players to learn with! Everyone is welcome to join.