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I know that in game files you can find document/script/whatever called "waxwell". I know that this was done on purpose, to avoid some game coflicts or semething like that (I have some ideas about it, but most likely I am wrong). Now what I wanna tell is that it would be interesting if Maxwell had something like his twin brother/copy of himselft called 'Waxwell" (presumably he would be made out of wax and love bees). This so called Waxwell would be good/bad side of Maxwell, deppending on what he is now (Maxwell is a bit complicated character, so I am not going to try to gues is he bad guy or not).

I don't want this kind of feature to be implemeted (perhaps a mod?), I just want to make a discusion and read your ideas about it.  :encouragement:

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It's, most likely, technical issue and has nothing to do with lore.


From the wiki:

"Using the Console code ("maxwell") will spawn in the Maxwell seen at the start of a world.

Using the code ("waxwell") will spawn the player character version of Maxwell."


Since maxwell.lua and some other file names were already used up by the time they started to make playable Maxwell, they needed some other internal name for him.

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