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  1. if you haven't guessed I like drawing in the 30s toons/rubberhose style and tbh Don't Starve fits it so well
  2. oh my god

    the stank tank is my most effecient colony yet 

    i can't even... 

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    2. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      i think the sheer amount of farts was able to be turned into clean air and they weren't suffocating all the time 

    3. DragonMage156


      Wow I guess the Stank Tank ain't so stank afterall XD

    4. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      a necessary stank! 

  3. I have been brought to tears by a level 19 athletics dupe climbing a ladder

    the animation is even bungled i'm dead 

    why does she go up them sideways

    the polluted oxygen is just the side effect of the stank tank


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    2. DragonMage156


      Omg Mines! I hummed a bit of the theme as the dupe went up the ladder and I burst out laughing XD

      Also if it's a she, was is she called Wilson? XD

    3. minespatch


      Every Klei game needs a Wilson.:wilson_sneaky:

    4. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      @DragonMage156 because I always hit the Randomize button 5 times on creation to ensure I get the absurdest names possible. 

      I have one called "Evil Babyface" 

      also this Dupe is even more hilarious on 2x speed which is what I normally play on


      you now see why this base is called The Stank Tank

  4. two out of three of my first Duplicants have Flatulence so naturally


    1. minespatch


      They really need more fiber in their diet.

    2. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      or less tacos

    3. DragonMage156


      Perfect XD

  5. Webber would befriend the Forest Reanimated Skeleton even if it drove him insane
  6. wilson gets a present
  7. That second part is really reliant on good communication! We used screenshots to compare when we got a new correct one and so we didn't have to use another go figuring out which one was the correct one. :)

  8. hot dog klei outdid themselves with this one

    I love these puzzles 

    1. minespatch


      Rough but strong, that's how it felt with my buddy @Pyr0mrcow....

  9. best viewed along with the spider man 2 pizza song
  10. why is the only thing I remember about Shank Denny

    why couldn't I remember something else

    it had to be Denny 

  11. Taught myself how to use Spriter, though I can't say I have a clue on how to import custom animations just yet. 

    But hey, I can animate in Spriter so that's cool I guess. 

    1. minespatch


      There might be tutorials that can help with that.

  12. Lol, if they have something like this and they have Destructive as a stress response, maybe they should only destroy buildings to do with that contradiction. Building on that, maybe they could somehow give a boost to other Duplicants learning that ability? So maybe if you have one that's good at cooking but won't cook, if another Dupe is cooking within a certain radius, the other Dupe gets a boost on how fast they build the cooking skill.
  13. delete.JPG

    that random generation though (the first three legit all looked identical so I laughed and went with it)

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    2. DragonMage156


      That hair is the new trend :p

    3. GiddyGuy


      Please tell me you gave them a colony name that fits the same hair quota.

    4. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      I use the random generator for everything, so the colony name is "The Not So Radical Pigpen" 

  14. osmrhodey

    Dumpling tried her best!!