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  1. I don't see the point of a tier list in Don't Starve. Picking characters because they're better or worse just seems completely pointless in a roguelike. Besides, it's not like survival is particularly difficult to begin with.
  2. That's honestly because Klei considers ROG to be part of the base game at this point. You can tell because of how A New Reign in DST gave all of RoG's content for free anyways. By the time you can build the Skyworthy and afford the RoG boss items (Especially the Mosling feathers. Which are just so much) in Hamlet, you could probably murder all of the bosses in ROG anyways. I don't see how this is much of an issue. I doubt it. RoG is practically part of the base game at this point. I don't know if I'd recommend anyone play DS without RoG. It's just so integral to the experience and changes so much about the base game. Seriously, there's a lot more to RoG than just getting the boss items? Eh. You can just build more of them if it's that big of an issue. By the time you can use the Skyworthy to transfer them to other worlds you can use the Key to build more of them anyways.
  3. Hamlet on Nintendo switch????

    When it's finished.
  4. Warbucks

    At the end of the day, Don't Starve being well-made is important to Klei. It just wouldn't do for a character who they believe to be so fundamentally flawed to be kept in the game. I'm sure they didn't make this decision lightly.
  5. Probably like. 60 something. I could survive longer but I honestly just get bored and start doing stupid stuff after the first few seasons lol.
  6. Yes, it is, and turning off the other ones because they're too hard kinda defeats the purpose l ol Also, there aren't any Beefalo in Hamlet.
  7. They're kind of supposed to be a challenging pain. Mild season is incredibly easy to survive through and the others offer unique challenges. Personally I'm sorta glad about the lack of season-gated content in Hamlet, it's always frustrating having to sit on your hands for an entire in-game year if you weren't able to get the Tam/Walking Stick/Eyebrella in your first Winter.
  8. I don't really think it's fair to be upset that Hamlet hasn't gotten very many major updates since EA. It was, after all, communicated to us that Hamlet's EA form was already pretty close to what it's finished form would look like. That said, I would love a return to the old scheduling of updates like how ONI had/has for a while and was with us in the early days of Don't Starve. There was little that I loved more than watching the days count down to the next major named update with the cool poster and such to go with <3
  9. No, it's not. It's DLC. It's it's own self-contained thing, not even a general content update like ROG was, and it's not a sign that Klei is suddenly going to start updating Don't Starve again. I'm really not sure what you want. It's a $7 DLC. It's not going to be equal to the entirety of Don't Starve and RoG combined. I imagine we'll see some additions to the Aporkalypse and perhaps some more endgame content (Possibly with the addition of being able to build cities in ROG worlds) but acting as if Hamlet is some tragically unfinished, terrible product is pretty ridiculous. Knowing Klei it may even continue to get updates after being released as Shipwrecked occasionally did. I think you're being pretty unfair to Klei with this. I've been here since before the game was even on Steam. I didn't always have a forum account (Just missed the deadline to get the DS contributor badge, sadly.) and I've been a lot more active in this community than you have. DS *has* so much potential, DST is it's successor, and is still in active development. It's even a "sequel" in a semi-official fashion. Acting like Hamlet, a, let me remind you, $7 DLC, isn't going to reach the same heights as the base game + the largest DLC is equivalent to Klei somehow abandoning DS is just downright misinformed.
  10. The reason for this is that DST is something of a sequel to Don't Starve. It wouldn't make sense, logistically _or_ lore-wise to backport things from DST to DS, barring the QOL update they added in Hamlet. I've long since come to terms with the fact that single-player Don't Starve is no longer a focus of Klei, and hasn't been for a long time. I don't really mind, though, because there's nothing stopping you from playing DST solo. It's only an issue when you want to play the DLC, and Klei is addressing those issues. They already have stopped working on DS. I don't remember when there was last a single-player Don't Starve update. The primary issue is the separation between solo DS and DST makes DLC really awkward to implement. Also, they aren't stretching their resources, obviously. One can't expect constant massive content updates like there were back when DS was still in active development. The game is... For the most part, finished. I would doubt that Hamlet even has that much more content to be added at this point. I'd be pleasantly surprised if there was a significant chunk added between now and it's true release, but I'm not going to count on it, as I find the current version of it to be pretty satisfying. Adding significantly more content at this point might even start to make the game feel bloated (And I feel that way about DST to a certain degree already, honestly.)
  11. Three OP things in Hamlet

    Shrug. I think there are a lot of exploits in the game that make it really easy if you know what you're doing. Dragonpie farms make food and healing both completely trivial, and in Hamlet they don't even stop growing during part of the year. Abigail is the sleeper hit of DS, honestly. There's so much insane stuff you can do with her that makes the game so much easier, to the point where when playing Wendy I sometimes feel like the game just stops when Abigail dies just because of how incredibly useful she is. Warbucks feels like a mod character, to me. His perks are ridiculously strong and trivial to use (Getting oincs isn't hard to the point where I find it totally reasonable to just dump hundreds of them on decorating shanties <3) and he comes with no real downside. Getting a crockpot isn't that hard and after you get one there's no real reason to eat uncrocked food anyways, plus the early game sanity loss is handily mitigated by the initial abundance of flowers before you've picked them en masse. He's kind of boring and doesn't really change your playstyle in any meaningful way like Wendy, Wickerbottom, WX, Webber, etc. do. So I won't personally play him even if he is strong. The berries thing is a little silly, in my opinion. They really do give way too many oincs for how easy they are to get. It's weird to me that they give *twice* as many oincs as feathers, an arguably more difficult to obtain resource, do. I can't really complain about the hat because honestly by the time you can kill the Bandit it just makes obtaining some resources a bit easier, it's not really going to make or break you either way. ...Besides, the game is meant to be difficult. It was advertised as "An Uncompromising Wilderness Survival Game" from it's onset, and Hamlet is supposed to be even more difficult than the base game. I don't think it's unfair to want the devs to patch out exploits that allow you to trivialize the main aspect of the game.
  12. BFB/Roc is dumb

    Yeah, that also happens in the city. Good way to get yourself killed too, because the boundaries between biomes are kinda finnicky, so if you're running through them and Roc decides to land you can very easily die.
  13. Game's not finished yet and I don't think GOG has an EA program.
  14. BFB/Roc is dumb

    I mean, there are only four directions you can run. 1/4 chance isn't bad.
  15. Man idk why everyone feels the need to construct these elaborate megabases with huge grass farms and berry farms. You seriously don't need it at all. If you're just looking to survive consistently, you only need a few things. A) A consistent food source; knowing how to properly use a crockpot goes a LONG way towards this. Otherwise, know where mobs that you can farm for food spawn. Like tallbirds and spiders. Berry farms also help, but they're kind of overrated in my opinion. Frogs are also an insanely good source of food. And you can always go for the classic Dragonfruit farm if you want infinite food and healing forever basically. (I can elaborate on cooking strategies, if you'd like.) B) Ways to deal with seasonal threats. Clopsy is the biggest one here, and also pretty much the only one you should bother trying to kill solo and only because the Eyebrella is *insanely* useful. Being the best hat for both Summer and Spring. For cold, all you need is a winter hat and a heat stone. Those two things are enough to let you stay toasty for long enough to do almost anything during Winter as a whole, and 100% long enough to do anything you need in your first Winter. If you're feeling brave, you can also make a Beefalo Hat which has the highest insulation value in the game, tied with the Puffy Vest. I prefer the Hat though, since it lets you wear backpacks and armor for fights. For heat, the Eyebrella and a cold stone will serve you perfectly, same as above. Part of the reason I hate the megabase thing is because you need a bunch of flingomatics to keep it from burning to cinders in the Summer. Being able to fit your entire base under a single flingomatic makes Summer so much easier. For rain, Eyebrella is 100% defense against both wetness and lightning (Seriously, this hat is insanely good.) From there, you can pretty much do anything you want. Giants don't actively terrorize you in DST like they do in DS other than Deerclops, so you're pretty much free to do any expansion or exploration you want after that without fear of dying from anything other than hubris (Which will be your main cause of death in Don't Starve) There are a few things I like to prioritize during the seasons, like getting the Tam and Walking Stick during Winter, but it's pretty simple to survive basically forever.