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  1. Wolfgang Rework

    not a big fan of "wolfgang gets stronger with more people" thing. not only does it make the game even worse for solo players, it makes it where Wolfgang is useless unless you have a ton of friends who play or play on public servers
  2. Well, clearly Webber's control over the spiders makes for an easy and safe sacrifice to summon Abigail.
  3. really should have waited tho. all of the halloween stuff is plummeting in price because it's currently available. way better to wait a few weeks or months after and get 3x the price.
  4. I've gotten a lot of hand and feet items that I have like zero interest in even though they're all blue and purple.
  5. i just want the wendyflower head ; _;
  6. It's just a different form of time-gating. The giants and seasons are far less threatening or non-existent in Hamlet, instead of racing against the clock to prepare for the harsh seasons or destructive giants, you're racing against the clock to explore the world and find the calendar.
  7. Love your new avatar.

  8. Count to 400 without interruption

    nice minus 10
  9. Hat Kid (DST)

    bless u
  10. Xenologist has been banned for posting an image of something they very well could have typed
  11. Count to 400 without interruption

    twin tee ate
  12. Vinny's Crappy Gallery!

    Omg. I saw this and saw the post in reply to Wilette and was like, "Woah, Wilette's back?!?!??" and now I'm sad again T_T
  13. spinel is blessed

  14. You'd have to use Tallbird eggs so you can have a slot to put twigs in which invalidates the Monster Lasagna recipe but not the Bacon and Eggs one?