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  1. Well, clearly Webber's control over the spiders makes for an easy and safe sacrifice to summon Abigail.
  2. Nah, what Leonardo says is absolutely necessary. The way Fuffles is acting like they're a victim who the horrible toxic community forced out of modding is pretty gross given how they actually acted. This community has had issues with toxicity around modding in the past, and we don't need people pretending like there's been a relapse when no such thing has actually happened since that kind of thing can cause other modders to start being uncomfortable with creating and being apart of this community for fear of facing made-up persecution.
  3. Love your new avatar.

  4. Xenologist has been banned for posting an image of something they very well could have typed
  5. Omg. I saw this and saw the post in reply to Wilette and was like, "Woah, Wilette's back?!?!??" and now I'm sad again T_T
  6. spinel is blessed

  7. You'd have to use Tallbird eggs so you can have a slot to put twigs in which invalidates the Monster Lasagna recipe but not the Bacon and Eggs one?
  8. Not true. I'm pretty sure Bacon & Eggs and Monster Lasagna have the same priority, unless that's been changed since I last played. If you put two monster meat in, you're rolling a 50/50 for Bacon & Eggs or Lasagna, which isn't worth it to save a morsel imo. The cooling and heating mechanics are _there_ I guess, IME they're not very useful (except maybe in Summer if you end up being unprepared) much like the sanity foods, which tend to be more effort than they're worth unless you have loads of their components already.
  9. Played through the Sevtech modpack with a friend a few weeks ago, and we're currently pushing through the end of Calamity in Terraria, we're probably gonna stop when we've gotten the Soul of Eternity from Fargos. Or earlier if I get bored of it again haha. Might get back into Slay the Spire, or god forbid League (pls someone stop me). Was looking at Heartbeat because it looked cool, but all of the controversy around it kinda pushed me into playing other stuff instead. Kinda wanna play DST again, but tbh I desperately want Wendyflower and if I play this game more regularly I can't promise myself I won't waste $10 on it