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  1. Weird Headcannons

    I think this is actually canon
  2. I'm not sure if any of them are still being developed, but you could look into joining one of the teams for the big mod collabs like U&A or Unnatural Selection
  3. Weird Headcannons

    Honestly this is just because I spend way too much time around the Crockpot, but I think it'd be kind of cute if Wendy had a fondness for cooking for the group.
  4. Touchstones

    Touchstones exist for the same reason the Carrots do, they're there to make up for bad luck or mistakes in the early game so that runs don't end at Day 5 because you stood still in a swamp for two seconds too long.
  5. Sure, why not. I mean I can't think of a good reason not to, it's just hard to think of a good reason to. It's not a bad idea, it's just hard to justify spending the resources on small changes like this sometimes.
  6. You should really start thinking about the impact upon game-play of your suggestions, it's true that it's slightly misleading that the animations of some attacks don't line up with how their attacks work, but just because it looks that way, doesn't mean it should be.
  7. That would just be a ton of free meat n stuff on the ground :T
  8. How many times do I have to repeat this? Willow is for new players, she was not made to be a late-game powerhouse. You can't argue that Winona's perk is invalidated by having tons of resources in the late-game, practically every character can be invalidated by something you acquire in the end-game (Abundance of red gems makes Wilson useless, the focus on combat raids in late-game puts Wendy at a disadvantage, access to excessively strong weaponry makes Wolfgang unnecessary, etc. etc.) The most commonly argued characters (Wilson, Winona, Willow) are all perfectly serviceable as-is.
  9. Yes, Willow still serves the purpose of being a character primarily for newbies in DST. Winona is also fine, not every character needs to be Wolfgang or OP78
  10. I seriously don't know where this stigma against Willow comes from, literally every character in the game can craft a torch for little to no investment. Willows current purpose is to serve as a way for newbies to get used to the game by giving them help with things that they commonly have problems with (namely: Sanity and Charlie). More resistance to Overheating would be quite nice, I think, to supplement that, but her fire resistance already halves fire damage, it was nerfed for a reason
  11. 235 hits (assuming no healing) 330 hits 389 hits 772 hits This means you need: 3+ (Minimum) Dark Swords for the Fuelweaver 4 for the Bee Queen and Dragonfly and a whopping 8 for the Toadstool (god forbid Misery Toadstool) (Not even counting the armor that you'd have to use, assuming that you do eventually get hit)
  12. Bottomless Firepit is a Loyal item, isn't it? You can't get it out of gifts xP
  13. These sort of videos only make me wish more that there was a Single or 2-player mode of DST so that you could fight all of the bosses without needing a full party of like twelve people to beat them :T
  14. See, the way I see it is, there are three main challenges to Cave exploration to the Ruins. 1. Food, of course, exploring the ruins is a long job and there isn't a whole lot of food down there for you to find (especially if you don't want to risk fighting in the depths.) 2: Light, the Caves are always pitch-black, meaning that any character with an ability that allows them to alleviate the issue of always being in the dark is going to have an advantage. 3: Combat, there are a lot of dangerous mobs in the caves that can easily murder an unprepared player So, with all of this in mind, I'd like to suggest Webber as the top-tier Ruins rush character, hear me out: Food: Webber has an above average stomach size, allowing you to start out with just a bit more fullness before having to eat out of your main supply, that's just a small bonus, but the real benefit here is his ability to eat Monster Meat, which is quite plentiful down in the ruins where spiders spawn en masse. Light: Webber doesn't have any advantages here, but most of the characters that do are pretty bad in the other categories anyways. Combat: Here's where Webber really shines: Spiders are a massive nuisance in the caves, especially when exploring the labyrinth, having the ability to not only not be slowed by the web (making the trip through the caves and ruins overall faster) but also completely be able to ignore an entire category of commonly spawning, dangerous enemies is incredibly invaluable, not to mention that dangling depth dwellers and other spiders can be befriended just as well as normal ones, giving Webber an advantage in combat overall if he's willing to sacrifice the food.