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  1. I ended up adding a simple patch for Season clock, which can be enabled in config. The fact that you can't type values in mod config, only increment them with arrows, makes that way impractical. And I was too lazy to read Status Plus code.
  2. Someone should move the clock, either Season clock, same way it does on surface. Or me. I guess, I can add clock and badges coordinates in mod settings, separately for surface and caves. That way you can move clock anywhere you want on the screen. Fancier method would be adding option to move clock with in-game interface, like Status Plus moves it's bars. I'll see if it's easy enough to replicate.
  3. Since nobody reported problems, removing WIP status.
  4. It works with dawnbreak. Except it shows no dawnbreak in caves, but that's not my fault. My mod does only two things: unhides clock that already exist and moves status badges so they won't collide with clock.
  5. It works with Always On Status. But I'm keep getting frame drops with Always On, even if it's the only mod installed. It's started after Always On crash last week and doesn't go away. If others confirm it works normally, I'll add it to compatible list.
  6. Version 1.1


    Prevents clock disappearing from UI in caves and ruins. Compatibilty: Works with - Status Plus - Always On Status - Dawnbreak - Season clock. - Enable compatibility option in mod config. (Only right from dayclock position in caves and slightly obstructs Minimap HUD. Not going to fix those ones) Conflicts with - insert your mod here
  7. Beautyful, can you do the same with Chester? When i accidentally attack him, escort pigs lock on him, untill he's killed, or untill i kill the pigs.