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Thank you gold names


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I just want to say thank you and give you guys awards based on what you guys do on these fourms


Fastest to reply

Nomines cptCalavera, Mobius187, 501105

and the winner is cptCalavera round of appluase you won this award because you are always there whenever someone needs help!

most detailed help

Nomines: Mobius187, Toaster fu, Excess

and the winner is Mobius187 for always posing such long replies that are very helpful thank you

links to the best help threads

nomines: LadyD, Excess, Toaster fu

and the winner is LadyD for giving us links to the best threads to help us!

Knows their Don't starve very well

Nomines: Toaster fu, LadyD, Excess

and the winner is a tie between Toaster fu and LadyD they are both very good and know the game very well

Best overall Gold name is all of them they are all very awsome in diffrent ways which make them perfect to be moderators!


Brught to you by Smallbirds p they protect Small birds when no one else can thank you

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And remember, we weren't always gold members. Just plain ol' members once.

Once...This was like 2 weeks ago, wasn't it? ;-)

Now I posted sth. in this thread, so I have to say thanks a lot to the gold members and the rest of the community as well [except Dandytard:twisted:]

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