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  1. Hey guys, I've got a spare don't starve chrome key. And I am willing to sell it for steam games, any offers? All offers are welcome!
  2. Also, i would suggest you guys take a look at the original dream world topic, or at least the following 3 comments:
  3. Wow, you know i actually mentioned this in the topic that was about the dreamworld? A nightmare world based on your sanity? Ofcourse, you worked it out a bit more. Sounds just as epic as i imagined it, so good job on that part
  4. Heheh, 1 thing i tend to do is just lure it to a swamp and get it to figh tas many tentacles as possible. Afther fighting off about 6, it will die.
  5. They could also do something similar to what they do with golden axes and stuff. After hitting 3 trees you go down 1 durability. Maybe they can just count how much time the torch has been on and calculate how much it should cost and just take that off of it (even if its not a full %, it can still take it off behind the scenes)
  6. Hounds are easy to get rid of. Just make sure you have like 10 monster meat or something lying around in the middle of ur base. And they will all go for that, while you chop them all down 1 by 1 - - - Updated - - - Or as Soon as you see them, just drop some on the floor. They will target monster meat before you
  7. Yah they do, there has been tons of people asking about it, and this isn't the first thread suggesting multiplayer!
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number ????? Issue title Infinite Sleeping Darts Steps to reproduce Pick up sleeping dart Shoot Repeat Describe your issue I have been playing with an Amulet equipped for a while and after a while i died, got resurrected and my items dropped on the floor. Since then i've been having the following bug: If i pick up my sleeping dart, i can use it 1 time, and then it appears again at that 1 place where i died that one time and i can use it again. It seems like this is causing me to have infinite sleeping darts. i took the liberty of making a video for you guys
  9. Not yet. Just wait for the game to be finished, Then its time to think about stuff like this. I do agree with you that it would be fun, but just wait a bit longer, this game is still in beta. Let it progress, we'll see how it goes
  10. After sleeping another night, i thought it might be a good idea to get the treant to my own little base. Just let him wander around, he won't be hostile as long as i don't hit any trees i thought. So i went back to look for the treant. Afther looking for an entire day, and having slept the night with a few spiders, i had finally found him. Right where i left him! So i started luring it back out of the swamp, killing some tentacles in the process. But! I was stupid. I should've kept my little friend safe, instead of having him do all the hard work. From the third tentacle i sent him afther, he DIED! My friend, my first friend on the entire island, DIED. Dropping only some meat and 6 wood. Luring him around all day long made me quite hungry too so i was forced to eat him too! And that is how this story ends, with me indirectly murdering my friend, and eating him!
  11. Okay, so i was playing Don't starver earlier today, and as i was walking around and just farming some items, and a lot of stuff happened to me! First i found a bug, of course not a major one, but still a bug... Grass, FLYING over the ocean! and it was unreachable! After wilson tried getting it for about 5 minutes he just gave up and walked away . Then after Walking away from the flying grass, i just ran over to one of the pig villages, and tamed 2 pigs. Then Night fell and it was time to make a fire. After chopping a few trees, and starting a fire, i decided to chop 1 more tree. After chopping that tree i just replanted the tree right away, but RIGHT before i replanted that tree, i saw a treant standing up! BUT as I replanted the tree the treant was satisfied and just went to sleep, Leading to the following weirdness: Then i accidentally hit the attack button, but canceled the attack. For some reason my pigs just woke up and charged the treant and pissed it off. Both my pigs died, but the treant just went back to sleep after killing my pigs. So the next morning i decided to have a look at this treant and see what he was planning on doing with me. It seemed like the treant didn't seem to care about me. Maybe because i just replanted all tree's i chopped? I was stunned, i was just walking alongside a treant without any troubles. But of course FOR SCIENCE, i had to see what would happen if i were to hit a tree. So i ran over to a tree and hit it with my axe. The treant went furious and ran at me. He wasn't really hard to run away from though. With the treant just walking there, i had to try some more with my little friend there. So i went and pissed him off again and ran all the way to a swamp, took forever, but i did. On my way there i got attacked by three dogs, but after luring them next to the treant he just finished them off for me. When i finally arrived at the swamp i went and looked for one of the tentacle arms. After finding one, i lured the treant there and made it kill the tentacle. 2 hit KO! That treant is awesome! After killing off 4 more tentacles, it turned night again. So i just left the treant behind and ran back to my base as fast as i could. I used up 2 torches, and had to outrun about 30 spiders, but I managed to survive. After all this ruckus i finally arrived back at my camp, and it had just turned back day. Finding myself in a shortage on inventory space, i just dropped 8 cooked monster meat on the floor, thinking i'd go put them in a chest later. 10 Seconds later though, i get attacked by even more hounds. Oh no! they all started eating the meat, which really surprised me, because they didn't even care about me killing them! There even was a fire hound, and it was easy as 1.2.3! But then my camp almost got set on fire, or so i thought! lucky thing backpacks cant be put on fire! Phew! What an exciting few days
  12. Torches still deplete while alt-tabbed. (at least if all you'r doing is just going to another process)
  13. Love some of the stuff, hope you get some attention. Also helps the problem of having food too easily, right now the only threat to ur food is a Gobbler, so having some other things that steal ur food is good to have
  14. Starving sure isn't the main reason of dying, but i think the current food system is definetly good the way it is now. You still have to spend a lot of time in finding and producing food. If you do not bother working on food for a day or two, it starts getting annoying already.