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The wand of protection: a way to improve cooperation

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I had this idea to improve cooperation between players.

The wand of protection is a craftable magic staff that could be used by a player on another player. It would cost some sanity to the player who uses it, and surround the player to which is used with a magic shield of protection that acts the same way as the thulecite crown.

The purpose would be to add the possibility for a player to be "the assistance class type", meaning he would assist the others while in fight, and to improve cooperation (as said above).

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I guess this COULD work. But you have got to remember, any ideas for DST have to be applied to DS and RoG. I mean, you could use it on a pig I guess.


Maybe have it created with the crown? That way in single player you would wear the crown... and in this well exactly whats said above.

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Yeah, the ONLY way people would EVER work together in Don't Starve is if somebody waves a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagic wand in it and that will

*whispered to*

*whispers back* are the pigs flying too?


*telepoots through ceiling, but breaks it anyway*



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But I have to admit, some sort of ranged healing would be an alternative to this. I was thinking of honey glan darts (how original).


My opinion on this:

Random Guy 1: You know those darts we use to kill things with?

Random Guy 2: Yeah, why?

Random Guy 1: What if we coat them in honey... so we can heal each other!

Random Guy 2: Uh... didn't you just say they kil-

Random Guy 1: It'll be great!

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