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Help, Regin of Giants is too hard

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Spring: make either an umbrella, a rain hat, a rain coat... One or two of them will protect you against rain and the sanity drain it causes. Stay away from bees. Use traps to catch frogs when they rain from the sky. Easiest food to find or grow is vegetables and fruits.


Summer: make a straw hat, a pretty parasol AND a thermal stone, plus a cool vest or shirt if you can. Cool yourself and the thermal stone using endothermic fires. You can also put the stone in an ice box to cool it. Watch out for stuff smoldering when you hear a hissing sound, and extinguish them rapidly, before they became ablaze. Build ice flingomatics in your base if you can. Easiest food to use: meat.


Autumn: like vanilla Don't Starve, nothing special to know or use. Easiest food: any.


Winter: craft warm clothes using beefalo wool and silk, put that thermal stone near the fire. Easiest food: meat.


Those are the seasons-specific basic things to know. If you're having trouble with basic Don't Starve mechanisms, watch Let's Play on Youtube or use the wiki.



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I refuse to change any of the world settings,so does anyone know how to survive Winter,Spring,Autum,and Summer?  Everything tries to kill me now, the bees, beefalo, plants, and fire.  Helps please.

Winter:Like the vanilla game,nothing hard but with RoG enabled you can try the Hibearnation vest(From the Giant Bearger;Autumn),Tam O' Shanter and a Thermal stone.The Hibearnation vest is very good and doesn't need you to stay near a fire,and with a Tam O' Shanter you will be protected very will from freezing.


Spring:An Umbrella or Eyebrella should be enough If you want to use your hand or head go for the rain coat.


Summer: Umbrella/Pretty parasol or eyebrella,Summer Frest,Strawhat.Put a thermal stone in an Ice box it's better than drop it near a cold fire pit. Stay near a firepit and for food just capture butterfly then plant them near your camp for flowers,capture some butterflies again then plant them for more flowers,after kill butterflies for wings it's a good source of food or your farm and some birchnut.


Autum: Farma lot of things and bring them at home,maybe you will find the bearger,careful he is strong,you need at least 2 log suit/Football helmet and a good weapon for kill him.Here you go,craft your hibearnation vestfor the winter.


Hope it will help ! you good game

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Stockpile Nitre and Grass for summer. You never know when you'll have to make an Endothermic Fire in a pinch. Same goes for Winter really, always make sure you have the means to make a fire, regardless of how high tier your gear is. 

In my experience, the sooner you can assess which "extreme" season (Summer or Winter?) is coming first, the better chance you have of surviving it. 

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Grass and twigs, grass and twigs, all heck forbid, don't forget the grass and twigs.

They are so very vital for bunny flesh harvesting, wouldn't you know. Perfect for winter, and for much of the year. 

Don't just dwell on the carcass of the innocent, though. Do scout out places full of berry bushes and whatnot, and grow them in a desired location. Also, ever been on an adventure trial? You know how they have posts telling you where you are, well, do that, but with the stone and endothermic fire pits. You can essentially make enough to spread across all the points your kindred heart desires on the map, to the point where winter, (and now summer, curse Maxwell and his desire to see the flesh burn off your skin), will not phase you, provided you have enough to fuel such luxuries of darkness protecting, freeze bearing, flesh burning deterring marvels such as that.

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Most important thing to know in this game is the monster meat > werepig exchange rate. 4 monster meat fed to a pig will turn him into a hostile beast that takes around 10 hits to kill with a spear but doesn't kite like a pig and guarantees a drop of 2 meat/1 pigskin.


So your best bet is always to find an equilibrium between farming spiders and feeding pigs.


As long as you can figure out how to set up a ice box and some drying racks you're golden.

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Monster Meat > Bird Cage > Egg.


Egg + Meat of any kind (including Monster) + Vegetable (including Mushroom) + filler > Crockpot > Pierogi (+40 HP, keeps 20 days)

Rotten Egg + Nitre + Charcoal > Gunpowder.




Don't kill the pigs man. They love friend!

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