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  1. Permadeath is what gives most of its interest to Don't Starve, or more precisely the threat of permadeath. If that wasn't a threat, we would be running around willy-nilly, trying to kill everything in sight, and bored with the game after two days. So, I think the threat of permadeath sould definitely stay. But. There are ways to avoid it in the game, and we should be able to use them in DST too. One touchstone per player, and the ability to be bound to only one at the time, for exemple. This way, everybody can get a second chance or you can forgo yours to help another player if you're playing with less experienced players. Life-giving amulets and meat effigies should be in the game too. A way to resurrect a fallen ally for a hefty price would be good too. This way, experienced players can help newcomers, but everybody knows there is a price to pay for you or an ally once you've used your free life, and permadeath keeps its edge.
  2. For the same reason you did it the first time: ignorance of the proper way to deal with them. They'll learn. My worst moments usually involve killer bees and underestimating them. Day 21 in Adventure Mode, bunch of bees? Meh, I can go through. Not.
  3. By that time it's irrelevant. I only go without a backpack once I've finished my collecting of basic resources. Besides, I always let Chester behind in a safe place when I'm going to fight stuff. I don't want the bugger to die and waste the resources I used to transform it.
  4. In inventory: full stack of grass, full stack of wood, nitre if summer. Two or three days of food in one or two slots. Combat gear. Stack of healing salves. Miner hat. Tam'o'Shanter. Thermal stone if need be. Eyebone if I have Chester. Equipped: seasonal hat, seasonal vest or armor, walking cane or pretty parasol if I don't have the Eyebrella. In Chester, if present: axe, shovel, flint, twigs. That's pretty much my exploration setting. If I go for a specific task, I take the tools needed. I come back to my base every few days to restock on crockpot food, or I swing by my nearest secondary camp if I have one to cook.
  5. Off topic: to get rid of the clutter, feed it to a lureplant. I always plant two near my base for defense purposes, they double as trash cans for useless stuff that doesn't rot. Just drop what you want to get rid off near an eye, it will eat it and you won't ever see it again.
  6. Ok, let me sum it up... To solve the puzzle, one must gather all the notes, put the coordinates on a map hidden I don't remember where (was it in the trailer?), go to a link hidden in the trailer, figure out he must enter the ingredients found at these spots on the map in the right quantity, look at the source code, figure out it's an Antikythera mechanism, enter these words, and find the two next words through a thought process one cannot hope replicate unless he's heavily in astronomy or recognizing the shape of the contellations from the dots on the map. And then he gets a picture. You crazy Klei.
  7. Now, why was I expecting that? Oh yeah, I just read that thread. Why so many newcomers? well, when a note appears randomly in your game, you might get interested and want to know what's what. So I came here, read that post, and decided to sign up to post this tiny bit of information I just came across. No need to go all Keanu on me. ^^
  8. Fun fact: there's been an update in the game as soon as the puzzle was solved. Did they remove the notes... Or are there new clues? Looks like you guys aren't out of the wood just yet.