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  1. Is it possible to throw in hound mounds into the worldgen? Would really love a map where, the area you start off with has only enough to survive minimally and uncomfortably--however, the more you progress through the map, resources are tied to danger. I know you've got a similar one where different areas have themes, but I'm more suggesting a map for those who really want an ongoing challenge to meet the quota (but not one that's just barren all over that doesn't have that balance of combat).
  2. Well, DST is pretty alright. Few glaring issues. Really looking forward to someone developing a PvP-intended mod.

  3. I don't have friends, so good for you. Well, a shame about Diabu not sharing in a game that's fundamentally about working together. However, this Simple Protection mod sounds very much up my alley. Thank you very much for the advice - I shall be procuring this mod and anti-socially forcing users from Australia who want to play in the wee-hours of the morning to download this mod.
  4. Hey all. So, I'm getting mighty frustrated with random Willow (or more patient) players joining my server for a moment or two just to burn down the local environment. It's normally marked by a bit of lag (for the host) followed by a disconnection by the culprit. Sometimes they try their luck and continue on their rampage until physically banned. Is there a way to determine when a mass forest-fire has been started and which player started it? Does the Debug interface give any info on the matter? Any local mods? Would love a solution to this infantile, inane trolling. I'm sure many others here feel the same. Thanks
  5. ... Not even to mention the writing of the blurb, this is most-certainly the best mod ever. #Mouse5God 5God, I've always wanted a mod like this. Hell, this tackles all the key areas that required address in terms of mechanical difficulty. I think the passive spawns from harvesting is a bit messy and could be conceptually reiterated with the same concept of bring the world alive but perhaps more with the integrity's framework in mind, but I've wanted this to happen (at all) so much for so long that... Bless thou.
  6. After working so hard to answer all the newby-related Don't Starve questions, I always wash-off with my favourite beverage, lemon and poppy seed. Pro Life-Tip: the trick is to let it settle.

    1. An Artifact
    2. InaneDugong


      Hell yes. Destiled poppy seed juice at the right pH creates a sort of Morphine.

    3. An Artifact

      An Artifact

      That's very interesting to know :x

  7. So, got a point for 'Inappropriate Laguage'. Issue is: the warning doesn't quote the language in question and thus, since I don't go out of my way to irritate the system, I haven't the sligtest idea what the word in question was. A little difficult navigating these filters when you the difference between "crap", "poo", and "****" can be the difference between a warning point and a vulgar post.

  8. Word. Thought I already made this ages ago - on Steam Workshop. Meh, this change should really be official - the light is so bad without this mod...
  9. Why did I think The Forest would be anything nice like Don't Starve? Still, I'm liking how hard it is to live--I'm not liking the bugs or lack of diversity.

    1. Maximum124


      I thought for a moment you were talking about the endless forest, which has weird deer people

  10. So, anything new around here? I'm still trying to find reasons to get excited over DS again (but struggling).

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    2. InaneDugong


      Yeah, basically. I always wanted to mod a complicated difficulty with high replayability into the game but, eh, too talentless.

      So, yeah, I'm also hanging out for DST so I can at least stuff around with my girlfriend. (I really wish they'd balanced the game and increased the difficulty before starting DST).

    3. An Artifact

      An Artifact

      Get worse at the game, that solves all your problems :p

    4. InaneDugong


      Pffft, zzz. Playing Faster Than Light instead now. Soooo hard.

  11. Make something. How about an annoying dog that follows the player around and tries to take everyth- oh wait, already got catcoon. Gah, no vuvuzela. :<