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  1. I have never had any of the games you are talking about, I am not saying it sucks, I am saying NOW it is milking.
  2. Wish granted, but everyone uses it as anal cream. I WISH I HAD SOME WHIP CREAM.
  3. Oh I didn't meant that people are crying bout' "FNAF HAS 4 GAMES, SO MILKED" When a lot of good games have 4 or more games themselves. but then SCOTTTTT MADE THIS FNAF WORLD.
  4. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD CLICK THIS. http://steam-wallet-gifts.com/?user=4ed190
  5. I get a free steam giftcard if you click this, do a pal a favor. http://steam-wallet-gifts.com/?user=4ed190

  6. God, fanf world is like the biggest kick in the teeth for the fans WE NOW KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOU MILKER. The first 4 games were apart of the story, I can understand that. I CAN. Tons of games (MW, Black ops, final fantasy, fallout, elder scrolls, etc, have done more than 4 games. BUT this just sucks, I guess he saw how five nights at f*** boys was doing and was like "lets just do that" Didn't he also post something about mangle hanging herself? EEVVVVEERRRYYYOOONNEEE expected something to change in the new release of the DLC. Thank god that was free, I would have wanted a full refund for that piece of crap.
  7. Bans Blew cause I don't know whaT IS GOING ON. and his hat I don't like that hat e_e
  8. Oh I said that is not the marionette then I started screaming back s a t a n back
  10. To be fair, it was an old status (necro?) (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/statuses/user/204242-palpetinus/?status_id=11288). And circumstances say that he is... gone.

  11. Nah. Not really. It is more like do you want a supersized gas guzzilin' car that needs a lot of service, when your house is right around the corner. (PC) Or Just get the cheap car that is a little messed up, just to get you to A and B. (everything else) Some want the giant cool car, some just want a simple cheap car. It is up to them.
  12. I don't think it matters. Whatever you like, is what you lik. I couldn't give one **** about a PC since it does not fit my needs. EDIT: For example, using a rake in the winter could probably pick up some snow, but it's not made for your needs. You might need a snowblower.