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  1. It is? Cause have been 3 days or 4 since the pig with the -Next Build-
  2. Me too. But not the DS land, i mean just the Nightmare Land where the Throne is. After they came, then the land was created, and acts like a way to the Throne or something like that. I dunno, but i think that the shadows are just devil minions, but in a down level...Well, the shadows are demons, not the devil. Oh, my head hurts xD
  3. For me, the DS world was created by the shadow nightmares after the final act. Well...Before Maxwell sit in the nightmare throne, it had to sit someone else. I am thinking in the Shadow Watcher, but it seems insignificant. Have to be another one.
  4. An under sea ruins? Sounds great, and goes perfect with the merms.
  5. I would like more to see another world with the moon, like cave does. You know, a way to go and then you see a lot of biomes. If the moon takes a place would be awesome to have some weird biomes and new stuff. This is DS and everything has a bit weird or creepy things.
  6. Wigfrid did not appear at the RoG Logo. Think it. Klei ever makes a lot of surprises, and with them everything can happen.
  7. That cant happen. Woodie appears at the DST Logo.
  8. Klei said that they does not will add MP. I can smell lava caves!
  9. He said me Miku The time will say the truth.
  10. Or Willow: "Your base in fire? who made it...?"
  11. I know but there out are there so many trolls D: Or think in Maxwell:"Sorry, i just made a mistake and called the bigfoot in the midle of your base!"
  12. I just can think in trolls making walls over your spawn point.