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  1. Webber and Wigfrid

    Far enough away where they don't wander into your base at night. Hard to give measurements, but maybe 3 screens away is okay. Webber is the opposite, the closer the better.
  2. Problem with deerclops

    Wait... Deerclops can show up at all without RoG?
  3. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    Well, I'd say frog rain is probably the most dangerous seasonal occurrence for a novice player. Overall I'd say more of them fall to frustration from summer constantly trying to set all your work on fire. Once you're past that point... seasons are just mild annoyances. They just prevent me from feeling comfortable going underground, with fall being the only season that ISN'T annoying while spelunking.
  4. Still running on a pre-hotfix world and not seeing this one anymore. I have noticed that occasionally, however, the 'light bulb' shows up on my tabs as if I can create a new recipe even though I'm slightly too far away from my crafting tables. Slightly unrelated, I guess.
  5. Any off-chance the muffled sound bug was addressed? That one's the prime evil for me right now, makes it very difficult to anticipate hounds and giants. Edit - Nevermind! Thanks a ton, guys. Keep up the great work
  6. How about this as a compromise? Someone just makes a sandbox mod. I'll accept it. Mods are ubiquitous enough in games like this. But if they decide to put it in anyway just take it with a grain of salt. My problem is I always have to have a backpack on because there's too many things I'm obsessed over always having on me at all times even when I probably don't absolutely need them. (Another reason I like Wigfrid, I'll never run out of gold to keep crafting helmets and I'll almost never need the extra damage absorption, hence I can always run around with my bag on) But I'm also a base game junkie. Anything outside of a full conversion mod feels like a level of cheating or has a level of genericism. Good mods that make the game objectively better should be absorbed into the newer release versions anyway and good modders are hired into good teams. Balance can be struck regardless. I'm sure there's some way to have both armor and a backpack on in the base game and simply tweak some opposing force to keep the challenge the same. It could be one of a thousand things. That's why you'll see me in the suggestion threads. I don't believe you can ever take something away from a game by adding something to it. Simply a not-so-simple matter of getting it right.
  7. When did they change that? Must have been a while back because I've never seen that hue. Like it a lot, though. Maybe they just thought there wasn't enough darkness to make life more difficult under those conditions.
  8. Yeah we established that. Hope we're still friends
  9. +1. Unless they add more item slots. Am I the only one that thinks THAT's a good idea? I can understand why if I am.
  10. Show me your base

    @Nayrux holy geez that's a well-oiled machine. Plus it's like the only time I've seen someone put their drying racks under their fire lol.
  11. Lol I had no idea. Had never given them one before. They certainly had more value as other players and I had several pan flutes just sitting around at the time. I was just glad they didn't rob me.
  12. Like the first time a pig ate a mandrake I gave him (was playing Wigfrid). Whoops.
  13. Show me your base

    I never put my fire pits that close together because I have my base centralized with a flingo overwatching everything. Put the endo pit off to the side somewhere so you can run both it and the flingo simultaneously. Never saw a use for more than one crock pot, since making too much food at once can be a bad idea in the long run. Tend to use cobblestones for making roads, not flooring (though I tend not to make them ever because on a default world you can handily walk from one end to the other in a single day. 3 birdcages? Okay 10 drying racks, 2 improved farms, 2 bee boxes, a spider nest and at least 5 pig houses nearby. 10 saplings and 30 grass tufts. That's all I ever need. Also, not once have I ever used a cot or tent to sleep in the game. Seems kinda pointless. If I craft them it would only ever be for the sanity. And I eradicate all nearby moles from my base after making the rain hat, they drive me nuts from just the incessant burrowing sound enough. Beffalo outpost is always a decent idea. Another thing I do is set up a wayside by the walrus hunting camp asap just to have it ready for the one day I go back there to get my loots.
  14. What rules of the game? The ones you can tweak and change via a slider system? Oh, those rules. You're holding other people to your standards of integrity. Not playing devil's advocate anymore. I changed sides. You've convinced me to.