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Faster Methods to get home?

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In ROG, I now typically set up a base at a point in between a couple nearby wormholes. This typically gives me the ability to move large distances fairly quickly. Because the season changes have drastically altered my base design, I have a summer base (nothing flammable), and gravitate towards larger bases in the winter and other seasons. Spring and autumn are for voyaging, which is what I call it when I load up on supplies and move around.

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Well, if you have a mindset of "the end justifies the means", you can build a meat effigy in your home. Want to be back home asap? Light something on fire, hug said fire and before you know it, you'll be back home! A case of homesickness to die for.

Otherwise, follow the path or your local wormholes (don't forget to put similar items near them that show on the map, like signs n backpacks to know which wormholes connect to which)..

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