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  1. Today, me and a coworker were talking about Dont Starve. We were on break and he was also playing Animal Crossing on his Switch and it made me think, what if Dont Starve had a 3D version that was just pure homestead management? Ive been playing DS since its Early Access days in 2012, and one of the greatest things for me every single time is when Ive established my character enough and built up my home base to the point where I dont even need to leave the area any more except for finite resources that I cant grow like rocks, gold, etc. Every time Im able to have my own garden, Beefalo ranch, bird colony, and just over camp settlement setup, I feel more accomplished in this game than I have in any other survival or farming game ever that I have played. I was just wondering...what would happen if Klei literally just made a spnoff game that was that, and in 3D. I mean, I would probably freaking buy it in a heartbeat. Klei has been on a roll with its releases, and since the official release of Oxygen Not Included, Griftlands, and updates to Together, Im not sure what else Klei has cooking up. But if I could toss my hat in the ring for a suggestion, it would be this. Ive even google imaged a number of fan art creations of Dont Starve characters in 3D and it is just a-mazing!!
  2. That was basically what I did to get rid of it. And I only made this Bridge as a test in the latest build to see if it was still occurring. But if you are deep into the game and want to deconstruct it at that point thats no longer an option really... Yes, and maybe that is the case. But it seems very odd that that is happening. In the photo it only shows me trying to deconstruct the bridge to no avail. But moments after this I attempted to deconstruct EVERYTHING in the area around it to get rid of it. Still nothing. Everything was deconstructed but the bridge. I tried attaching pipes to each other to see if it still registered as it being there, nothing. It didnt read it as there. Tried building a new bridge over it and it happened...Not sure whats causing this My only thoughts on what could be causing the confusing in the programming is something funny with the Z-axis. I dont know how theyve programmed the bridges specifically, but maybe if it has to do with where the object is layered on the screen then its having difficulty reading it sometimes since the bridge is on the same Z-axis as the pipes, but at the same time can be over the pipes.
  3. So Ive posted this bug numerous times before during different builds and updates of the game but still havent gotten a response from the devs, nor have seen the issue disappear just yet (sorry if that sounds condescending or that Im irate. Im not Im just pointing it out). The issue is pertains to the Pipe Bridge specifically, as this is the only object that I keep running into this with and it happens every.single.time. Which is why Im always hesistant to make a Pipe Bridge, and if I do, Im very careful where I place it as Ill want to put it in a place where Im sure it will remain for the remainder of the build because of the issue. So basically what the bug is, is: After building the Pipe Bridge, if I try to deconstruct it, it will not disappear. The object is not functionally there anymore and I can build other things in its place. But the object physically looks to still be there. Ive even tried deconstructing every single thing in the place where the Pipe Bridge is to get rid of it, but the object is still there. Not physically, because I guess the game still registers it as successfully deconstructed and gone, but the object looks like it is still occupying that space. Which gets a little irksome...aesthetically, and because it confuses me when doing layouts of my base. Bonus: A similar issue occurred, with a tile in my most recent playthrough and it looks like reality itself has cracked. What actually happened is my Dupes dug out a cracked tile (the kind that usually means something is hiding inside the tile), and after they dug out the tile the cracked look within the tile still remained in the space. P.S for those who are going to say did you try exiting out the game and loading it back up or going to a previous save. Yes, yes I have tried. The objects still occupy the space. Days after playing the game. And no matter how many times I restart the game. The only way to get rid of them is to load back to a Cycle before I made the Bridge Pipe in the first place.
  4. Yeah I know, and in the picture taken I did have the Plumping overlay on to better highlight what I was talking about with the pipes. But when I originally did this for deconstructing I didnt have any "views" on, and had "All" selected to try to get rid of things. Still didnt work.
  5. Restarted it and tried to replicate it. I did....This time I tried it with two bridges to see if maybe one would deconstruct. In the image shown I show I am trying to deconstruct all the liquid pipes and bridges in the surrounding area. Everything around it deconstructed except for the bridges. They just stayed there.
  6. I reported on this issue before and I dont know if its being worked on or not, but the issue keeps arriving every now and then. Basically for some reason Pipe Bridges wont deconstruct every now and then. They will remain in their spot hovering and act as though they are there even though the dupe seemingly deconstructed it but it will still remain in the scene. If I restart the game and the load scene back it will be gone, but Im not sure why it will only actually disappear after I load the game back and not initially when I deconstruct it the first time. This only has happened with the Liquid Bridges for me as well.
  7. I went back to the file with the issue loaded and it was still there indeed. However I decided to try one more time to deconstruct the entire area again this time it worked. However there was this weird thing where the dupes kept deconstructing it for about 3 times but it was gone after that...
  8. I recently tried to make a Metal Refinery and use a Liquid Pipe Bridge to get it over another Liquid Pipe however when I tried to deconstruct the Bridge, the duplicants did so, but the bridge was still there. I thought maybe there was a duplicate bridge underneath but no, the bridge will not deconstruct no matter what I do, nor matter how many times I highlight it. I even made sure my descontruct listing had "All" checked and tried to do it again, clearing out the surround area to make sure. The duplicants deconstructed everything in that area but the bridge remained there floating. I did an experiment where I tried to make another Liquid Pipe Bridge and the same issue occured. The bridge initially deconstructed but for some reason its image still remained there no matter what. And I could still connect Liquid Pipes to both bridges as if they were still there.
  9. So this is mainly just an idea to balance it out in Together so everyone just cant craft anything, as well as something I think would be interesting. Basically, in a new system you are only allowed to craft the most basic of items key to survival for the first couple of days but the rest you will have to earn and will meet certain requirements. First of all you will gain minor EXP for some things such as gathering supplies ex: cutting down trees, mining rocks, collecting grass, etc. possibly 2 a piece. For bigger things it can reap more EXP like killing pigmen, beefalo, turkeys, crafting would also grant good amounts of EXP varied upon the item crafted and bosses, even sub bosses like the Treeguard would grant substantial amounts of EXP. Bosses would probably be around the 500 EXP mark or so mark, so that if you kill them in your early stages you level up maybe 2-4x in one sitting and at least 1 level up in the higher stages so they still give some reward. The EXP would only be beneficial for crafting and nothing more. It would meet the criteria of crafting certain items along with other requirements they meet ex: to craft an Opulent Pickaxe you have to 1) be level 4. 2) Have crafted a regular Pickaxe, or to craft an Alchemy Station you would have to 1) be level 7. 2) Crafted a Science Station. Each level you gain opens up more options for what you can craft to ensure your survival, although there is still the other goals you must complete before fully unlocking the ability to craft them. This would make it so that 1 person isnt just the mule gathering everything and the others arent just staying in a secure location camping and crafting. Everyone has to work together and do some work to survival, strive, and not starve together (pun intended). Also I dont know if the decision of permadeath or respawn/reviving have been settled just yet but I still see alot of ideas buzzing around. What this would also mean for EXP is if that character dies they lose all or some of their EXP, even if they are just knocked out/stunned because a revive system is implemented they will lose some EXP just to make sure they are still weary of their actions. This would make the members of the group with the most EXP especially valuable because they hold the key to everyone elses survival by being able to craft the most, and essential items for everyone else.