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  1. It seems like the intended behavior should be for the dupe to get germy from being in a germy environment. They breathe in slime lung and pick up slime ore they get slimy. I would imagine that cleaning germ infested water and getting sopping wet in it should do the same. However, dupes can enter liquids host to millions of germs and pick up no hint of disease. This behavior enabled me to grossly mismanage my sewage situation (i put my sewage tank with no way to drain it right over all the critical parts of my base and water supply) and then when the system finally overpressurized and failed it should have absolutely flooded my base with food poisoning germs. I was kinda trying to do this on purpose, sorta. Well, nothing. bad happened. I had to inconveniently move some stuff around but i am just going to deconstruct it all later. I even got some high pressure high germ poop water in the water supply and that impacted nothing. No germs anywhere and then the food poisoning all died out. no one gets germy interacting with germy liquid, except when picking up germy bottled liquid to carry to a unbottler, which gets them and the bottler germy. Just thinking out loud here, it seems like the bottling should be much more disasterous than the unbottling! If the mechanic is supposed to put fear of germs in us and teach us not to poop where we eat, then it should be consistent in polluting us when we do horrible things like build your pressurized septic system above your kitchen. without changing this parameter sewage treatment from a germ sense won't matter. I feel like when you make the irresponsable decision to pump your sewage outside the colony and into, say, a slime biome, practically speaking, this should kinda cause some sort of inconvenience for you someday if you ever try to move into or process that water. Instead, the disease dies out, rather than spreads. Wouldnt it be cool if new diseases could emerge from mixing food poisoning germs with diseases in the wild? Hm!
  2. I have experienced an effect that may have been this as well, but its confusing. When I try to use wheezewort to cool CO2, I lose a lot of co2. However, there are always other mechanisms for loss: doors, etc, so I'm not sure whats going on. However, High pressure hydrogen rooms can be sealed off with absolutely no loss of hydrogen. I don't have personal experience on oxygen- it seems cold biomes pressurized iwth oxygen do not lose too much pressure- not in the way i've noticed - but I don't usually notice because dupes are also using o2. CO2 should not be consumed but it really seems like it does. So, +1 idk
  3. Hi guys, Wasn't sure where to put a general mod-related tech problem, and google fails me, so I turn to you, my favorite people in the universe. There have been a flurry of updates over the past week. I've noted on two seperate occasions, i've been unable to join modded servers, and folks have been unable to join my preexisting servers. I've tried downloading and activating the full list of mods the server is running, but no dice-- I get a missing mod error. People joining mine get a missing mod error as well. The only way I was able to get in game was to go for pure vanilla. Which is fine but pickypickypicky, how i miss it. any tips or advice?
  4. I think I speak for all humans when I say please make the inside hollow for storage purposes.
  5. I don't see why you couldn't. My last winter was spent mostly spelunking. However, it was tough to maintain the combination of food\light\sanity for that long; even as wendy. You'll need a lot of taffy and probably a dapper hat to really pull it off two weeks underground; or at least some combination of sanity items. If you have food but no clothes, you should be survivable though.I hope you get enough fireflies for the hats, and make sure you can get an alchemy engine down there to build the lantern when the time comes.