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  1. Oh Torcon 6, yay 

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    2. LadyAzure


      Lol Torcon 6, means 60% chance of a tornado forming

    3. minespatch


      Oh man, those...

    4. LadyAzure

      LadyAzure least favorite thing ever.

  2. Introducing...Ham Solo! He is a dwarf Robo hampster, and he is fully grown, and only about 2 inches long. ^_^
  3. Shading is one of my favorites, I can help to teach you, if you want. I am really good with shading basically anything.
  4. I am supposed to go get a dwarf hamster today for my birthday. I will post some pics once I can.
  5. Good job photobucket... Not saving people's art.

    1. LadyAzure


      Yeah stupid photobucket deleted lots of my images.  :/

    2. minespatch


      Did you save the images on your drive or similar?

  6. Well from one artist to another, if you plan to receive money for art never put it out for people to see without a watermark on it. Anyone can just take it, I know I worked in Graphic Design. We watermarked and put disclaimer on ever proof we sent to a client. Unless it is all free and you don’t mind if people use it, that is different.
  7. Is this a thing? Like really creating art for other people for money? Are these real jobs?
  8. OMG fluffy! I can show you all my kitty, she is a spoiled cat. Her name is Kiya.
  9. Happy Easter and such!

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    2. LadyAzure


      I can’t complain, good food and wine!

    3. minespatch


      That must've been quite the party.

    4. LadyAzure
  10. I thought I read awhile back of this issue so you may be already aware. I was playing earlier today and on 3 separate times lighting struck off in the distance and while looking in a chest it slammed shut on me. Every time the lighting hits this happens if I’m in a chest. Not game breaking but very annoying.
  11. Single player, online. It did happen again 3 times I closed out the game and then even restarted my ps4. Nothing was working. Only thing I can think of possibly is that after logging in (before my file refused to open) I tried to make a new world. I put the calendar to Year of the Varg, since I missed it. Then the problems started. I tried over and over to open my server. I then deleted the newly created world with "Year of the Varg" and went to bed. I tried it just now and it works. I am not sure if that had anything to do with it or not but it all stopped working when I created that calendar specific world. It works now.
  12. I just downloaded the last update and started a new server, (since my old one seems to be missing valuable things from it such as Glomer and juicy berry bushes) anyway I was able to create a new server and it worked fine. Logging back in I’m unable to launch it now. I can’t get in, it just stays stuck on loading server. I can’t create a new one as it gives the same issue, it gets stuck on generation. I’m not sure what’s wrong. It is not my connection and other games work fine.
  13. Yes I can confirm this, and actually it only started happening to me recently in the past few days. When lighting strikes a lighting rod near me if I am in a chest it automatically makes me slam the chest shut.
  14. Ban watermelen671 because I know the point of the thread, I came with the forum
  15. Yes.. I am back, again.

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      Welcome back once more.

    2. LadyAzure


      Yes, third time is a charm.

    3. Auth


      Welcome back x138!