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Reign of Giants stream on CobaltStreak's Twitch


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Hey everyone,

Sorry I didn't post about this earlier: I've been pretty busy and making a post slipped my mind. I'm hanging out with CobaltStreak right now on his twitch channel while he plays some Reign of Giants. We should be going for a bit longer. Come hang out if you see this!


EDIT: Stream is over, but the here's the archive for anyone interested: http://www.twitch.tv/cobaltstreak/b/523763879. Thanks to everyone who watched the live stream!

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I used to watch Cobalt back when I raced Issac (stopped 2 months ago and won't play more till Rebirth). I do wish he'd have familiarized himself with the new stuff for a day prior though, it would make it a bit more engaging.

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Stream just wrapped up. Thanks to everyone who joined in!

Thanks for linking us! Can't wait to see that skeleton suggestion next update ;) I tried not to spoil it too much, but I did see a good deal of forumers on the stream, so I don't think theres too much to worry about.

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