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  1. Mostly my point was that that they're a boring chore that I don't think should be necessary in the caves. I get the idea that they are similarly representative to the anglerfish, although I believe somewhere I read the that their bio-luminescence was for mating purposes rather than food, but I'll have to look that up. I never even bother with rocklobsters because they only really become deadly around 4 or 5 when you can't synchronize their attacks. Mostly I think they're a nice part of the caves, but when I'm trying to do anything (particularly in the mushroom areas) they are a time-wasting plague. I was trying to find a balance that would allow them to stay obnoxious when they come in waves, but when they're out resting I can quickly get rid of them if I'm willing to risk something.
  2. For the most part I find that caveworms aren't so much a challenge as a really dull nuisance. I'm aware that it is because after discovering proper combat methods in Don't Starve all enemies become routine, but with caveworms their prevalence in the caves both in waves and resting passively makes dealing with them a rather weary task. Hopefully, what I think is a nice idea is simply a way to eliminate the resting worms. It seems to me that a player should actually be able pick the glowberries, which would cause the worm pain and force it to run away and despawn (there should therefore also be a modified aggression time to make it harder to do this). Then, after x number of times doing this some event would trigger similar to naughtiness, perhaps combined with an extended earthquake. This would thereby clear out the map the these incredibly annoying mobs and provide a high risk of doing so. Also, I think Wickerbottom should refer to the tectonic motion by the MMS (Moment Magnitude Scale) which is the standard measurement used by seismologists.
  3. Ah, it does appear to turn back after the next moon (not necessarily a full moon). I stand corrected.
  4. I misspoke, they are permanently evil even beyond save and quit. I'll edit that. Edit: also note I'm not opposed to this standing. It's an interesting effect, but at best it's a slightly easier way to obtain nightmare fuel/lower sanity and at worst it's a minor sanity annoyance/ascetic annoyance (I had myself an all orange flower patch once. It took ages to make.) Speaking of which, does anyone know if flowers retain form during transformation? When a flower turns evil, does it return to the same flower or just any normal flower?
  5. If you enter the caves during a full moon (at least the 1st of the pair) and remain down there throughout the cycle (although it may be just till that night is completed) all flowers of the world turn evil and remain so even after saving and quitting.
  6. The only beef I have with this is he will take monster jerky.
  7. "Its main settlement and port is Potamós (pop. 18 inhabitants in 2001 census). The only other settlements are Galanianá (pop. 17), and Charchalianá (pop. 9)." from Antikythera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. My guess if it's not the color birds it's the pengulls
  9. You can see it is RoG in the minimap Does that solution match the numbers you got in your game? otherwise you probably have to use your own number solution if it is a crafting thing.
  10. I don't believe so, I was just moaning that it doesn't seem to catch all of them before the wither. Although I do have 1 tuft of grass that isn't withered or wilted but never grows. I can't fertilize it or force it to grow with books, so I've just let it sit there, but I plan on digging it up to see what it yields.
  11. Agreed agreed agreed, although I'd argue more that RNG reduces stagnation (which is what seems to be what suggestions or complaints surround) than ruins novelty. The giant flaw with it is that you might as well play as if you were in an always night world, even if it is less stagnant than simply that as well. It's a nice idea, but I don't think I'd call it a good idea.
  12. Exactly! You will always have to live in fear of the night. I've only ever ever died to the night once. It makes a well kept torch quite valuable, particularly if the transition from day->dusk->night are only 1 tick length long. You'll never know how much you can do in a day or how long the night may last, so you may feel forced to make very dangerous decisions. Balancing would have to be done for the first few days, it'd be terrible if your first night lasted too long and rain destroyed your supply of twigs, grass, and logs. A very unfair way to die. But after that it could be a fair challenge, given some limiters on how long each time of day can be.