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To Kill A Koalefant...

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Usually I do use a boomerang or some other ranged weapon to aggro them. If I haven't gotten a boomerang or any other ranged weapon at the time I just chase them into a corner and hit them once with a spear to aggro them. Then I just dodge and hit them 5 times, dodge, hit 5 times, dodge again, hit 4 times, dead koalephant.

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Is the thread title a reference to To Kill a Mockingbird? It would be kind of neat if it was. 


I use the boomerang to aggro, it is a really handy weapon once you get the hang of it. 

Yes! Someone got it! XDD


It is handy but I found out that the bees are the most effective way (for me) to kill them.

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Get all the bees you want, if you can hit them.


But remember it's a sin to kill a koalefant.

Killing for more meat is not a sin, o.o and besides I didn't kill him, the bees did,  :wilson_evil:

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