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  1. it crashes whenever I chop down a birchnut tree, o.o
  2. oh, o.o mating season is better but at least we won't run out if goats... o.o so..alright...
  3. Volt Goats now repopulate properly. How? o.o Do they just suddenly spawn?
  4. That would be really awesome, a lake biome that changes with the season. o.o
  5. This is really cool! Something to look forward to for summer!
  6. Here you go...
  7. You should, it's a really fun mod, XD
  8. Nope, I find the MorePlantables Mod easier and more convenient than the Farming for the light mod,
  9. Those glowing flowers are called Light Flowers, they are found inside the cave. I'm actually using a mod called More Plantables which allows me to plant several things such as those.
  10. I think the DLC is great and the problem is with you, And btw, you stay in your base during winter?
  11. Don't Starve 1.88571 mod fix + hotfix , it works on my friend but not for me,
  12. This mod won't work on the latest update, is it just me or is it happening to everyone?
  13. nah, i like it better as a single player game, and they already said that they are going to keep it that way,
  14. I hope they add a sailing feature of some sort which will allow us to explore the sea and what's even better is if they make a diving suit item which will allow us to explore a new environment: under water. Who's with me on this idea? XD