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  1. Setting up record would be pretty stupid because once you survive your second winter you can pretty much survive forever, unless you make it so all giants attack you at once each 2 days (even then you can just live in a lobster herd) then a "record" would be how much time you have on your hands.
  2. Monkey dude is pretty much scraped model for monkey king, as they wanted monkeys to be like pigs, the only guy that has chance to be in the game is white beard dude.
  3. Everyone had this one moment when he/she realised that loot on swamp is there for a reason...
  4. Now I feel bad that I told my multiplayer-loving friends to forget about this game since it had no multiplayer and will never have....
  5. Can someone please recall what the hell is going on in this puzzle or have you found anything? I am too lazy to go through 142 pages.
  6. Why would you need to even COOK your meal? Her bonus to health and sanity from killing mobs outruns the sanity penalty from eating raw meat.
  7. Here you see an example of necroing the thread in a bad way.
  8. Lord_Batal sure changed to worse when I was absent. Dude! This thread is not a question, it's discussion, if we can add something to discussion, then the thread should live, there is no reason to make second thread if there is already good one out there on graveyard. Can you imagine that I actually respected this guy some time ago? Man.
  9. I like WX-78 for the same reason NeoDeusMachina does, I can murder everything, use pigs as weapon factory, enslave every creature on land, drain life out of Chester for my own good with Bat Bat, send suicide missions, murder cute stuff, burn down forests, destroy ecosystems, make creatures extinct. AND SAY THAT I'M ROLEPLAYING!
  10. Wigrid - Her damage bonus doesn't work.
  11. It has been buffed in RoG, now it only slows you down by 10%, you won't even notice it.
  12. Steam is not forcing you to buy DLC, does it? You can keep All's Well That Maxwell forever, no automatic update will break your mods ever again.
  13. Old Wolfgang was just easy mod character, so is Wigfrid, you don't even need to put up science machine, she can craft her weps with gold, stone, sticks, and flint, and no science what so ever. You can go on killing spree on winter and not die!
  14. Good thing Wickerbottom used book called "plot device", they would be dead without it.